Mar 24, 2012

Spring Fling / My first ever tutorial featured as a quest blogger!

Spring Fling
 I was asked by Sahily from Pretty in Pigment to be an quest blogger of the month, by doing a look based on theme and to do an tutorial for it. I saw this chance to maybe get myself back into blogging :P So my first ever tutorial!

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed Eyelid Primer ★ Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk All over eye area
Sugarpill - Absinthe
Wet on lid
Sugarpill - Afterparty
Crease, and lover lashline
Sugarpill - Bulletproof
Outer corner, for depth and lower lashline
Inglot - Pearl 415
Above crease, for blending
Sugarpill - Tako
Brow highlight
Lime Crime - Circus Girl
Inner corner
Inglot - Amc Shine 35
Brow highlight and inner corner
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss
Liquid eyeliner
Sugarpill - Shady Lane 
False Lashes ~

 If you want to see the tutorial, click here :)

Sugarpill - Shady Lane
I just had to use these lashes for this look, these are amazing!! I really love how the "lashes" cross.

The lashes are looooong, and even longer towards the outer corner ~

Anyone else totally fallen for these? And what did you think about the tutorial?! Please let me know ^^


Mar 18, 2012

I'm Living in Asylum

Well hello hello! This is something I wore for Finnish Metal Expo few weeks alo. Yes I´ve been a bit lazy :P And now I´m soooooo behind with my posts :D

Everything is red red red :DD Also my red hair has suddenly  grown to be longer that what I expected! And I really like it ~ Onto the makeup part:

Lime Crime Candy Eyed - Eyeshadow Primer Primer
Sugarpill - Love + On lid and crease

Sugarpill - BulletproofIn crease to make depth

Sugarpill - Asylum All over Love +
Inglot - Amc shine 35 Brow highlight

Sugarpill - Bulletproof Brows

Ilamasqua - Precision Ink Liquid eyeliner

Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill MascaraSugarpill - Spark False eyelashes
I drooled over Asylum for ages and ages, and now that Sugarpill came out with these new CHEAP lashes (and I mean 5$ a pair!!!!) I new I just had to order Asylum with the lashes! I also got Absinthe and now they are now both my new favorites of all time.

Wasn´t Sugarpill supposet to release new eyeshadows like last cristmas???!

I really like how Asylum looks metallic ♥ And those lashes fit this look perrrfectly!

Ahh I can´t get over how much I like Asylum and those lashes :DDD

 Oh yeah - I do already have pictures of the new Sugarpill lashes and products, but I'm just too lazy to up them. I´ll try to do that next week!

In a few days I´ll be featured as a quest blogger, I have really rad look coming up with Absinthe and Afterparty ;)


Mar 6, 2012

Sigma Beauty's Bunny Collection

Hurray for my "new" brush set!!

Sorryyy for being lazy and not updating anymore >_< I started a new hobby, which takes up a lot of my time (I´ll maybe share it laterz). I have a loooot to blog about, just haven´t found the time :P Soon!

I actually have been writing this review for like two months :DD It´s been sitting on my blogger like forever :DDD  This is about the Sigma Beauty's Bunny Collection (the Mrs. version). It includes 5 face brushes and 7 eye brushes. I had this set now for... over two months? I wanted to really get to know these brushes before actually bublishing a review about them :)

The packaging was super cute! I like the simple design.
Here are all of the bushes! The special color makes the brushes easy to find from a stack of brushes.

Haha! Do notice that the handle is same on the two biggest brushes - they both say "large powder" :D

First time I first saw someone do a review on Sigma brushes, it was wery detailed and boring, to be honest. There was a picture of every brush and a lot of text on every one of them. But now that I have these brushes for myself, I think I´ll do the same x) Maybe someone would like to purchase only some of these?

It´s really important to me that the brushes are vegan, aka all of the brushes are synthetic. The Sigma Beauty Bunny Collection utilizes Sigmax HD fibers, so the make up product should not absorb into the bristles. Sigmax HD fibres were also used in the Sigmax collection and I´ve heard that they just might be the best ones on the market. I also heard that the Sigmax does not shed like the other Sigma brushes might. I´ve heard that that is their bigger problem.

The Brushes

Eye Liner - E05
I usually use small angled brush for eyelining, so this one I haven´t found useful yet... But this has a quite small bristles, so the outcome will be very precise. Good brush, I just haven´t found a way for me to use it yet.

Pencil - E30
This one is good for making precise eyeshadow application, in for example if you´re doing cut crease. I was most exited about this brush and it totally fulfills it´s promise. I highly recommend this to all of you who are struggling with precise eyeshadow outcome! This is also good brush for applying color on lower lashline and inner corner.

Tapered Blending - E40
This is also my favorite from this set, makes all blending easier. I don´t remember doing any look anymore, where I hadn´t used this brush :D For example, if I want to make outer corner of the eye a bit darker, i might take some black eyeshadow on the brush and just tap it on. Easy and simple! 

Eye Shading - E55

This one has quite short bristles as well and so it´s quite dense. I like to use this to apply brow highlight color. You can really PRESS color on with this.

Large Shader - E60

This brush is a bit too big for me. But I guess it works well for example eye shadow primers. I´m just used to applying primers with my fingers. Sigma says that it would also work for cream formulas, but I don´t own any so I cannot say :P  I did use this once tho, when I put a LOT of one color on the lid. Works as well as any other brush from this set.

Small Angle - E65

Hmm... Good for brows and gel eyelining. Altho this is actually tyhe brush I was most dissapointed. I think it´s way thiker than what is should be : (. Works better on applying eyeshadow on lower lashline.

Medium Angled Shading - E70
Quite like the E40 blending bush, exept for the angle. Works well for highlighting. 

Large Powder - F30
Ahh, this one is so smooth!!! The biggest brush I´ve seen. A nuisance to clean but really the best brush for powder products. Inglot´s powder brush is three times smaller!

Large Angled Contour - F40
Obv this is for blush and contouring. Really soft. Nothing else to add. 

Duo Fibre - F50
This one I´ve mostly used for blushes, but they say it´s also good for contouring. I´m yet to learn how to make airbrushed like finish with foundation, I think I don´t blend well enough :D And as you can see, it has the wrong handle :P

Foundation - F60
A brush for everyday use. I always always apply my foundation with this. 

Concealer - F70
Small brush for concealing. I mostly use this for eyeshadow application :DD 

This was my most expencive package yet, but I have been thinking of getting these since last June.. Now that this vegan collection came out, it was instantly my thing. The set cost 109 $ itself and the shipping costs were 38 $ (if I remember correctly). The shipping cost is a bit nasty. There were two options; the first one cost like 19 $ but the expeted shipping time was 2-6 weeks. 6 weeks! And the second option was 38 $ and shipping 1-2 weeks. I did not want to wait for the package for 6 weeks, so I did not have a chance...

The package was the same size as the first pack I got from Lit Cosmetics. _The same_ size. Same white box. And I think Lit Cosmetics took like 10 $ for shipping. The difference was that there was actually working traking number and the mailman brought it straight to my home. The shipping time was about the same...

But the price for one brush is like 9$ so in a way they are really cheap. Some Inglot brushes for example can cost like 30 €!!

The brushes even look really bunny like :D
I´ve been using these brushes nearly daily now, and I can assure; NO shedding! And superb quality.

You can find the Bunny collections here.

Anyone else have an opinions about them Sigma Beauty brushes?

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