Sep 29, 2014


 ..or almost ;) These are actually just nail foils and I tried to capture their *bling* on camera.

 They're cool, but the foils last max A DAY, so I don't bother doing them if there is not a special occasion.

Have a magnificient week :)

Sep 22, 2014

More more more and more Rainbow nails

Again the Rainbow nails! Or actually, I've done these last time like a year ago, but since I haven't really updated this blog, it might feel like you just saw these :D

But they are just so easy to do! All of the colors are actually acrylic paint and I just topped all off with some NfuOh flakies polish :) Ombre with six colors.

Behind the scenes filming a music video ;)

Have a wonderful week!

Sep 15, 2014

Matte neopard

Somehow everything looks better trough Instagram filters, no? :D

Or the normal picture is just bit blurry ! Anyways, here I have a bit of ombre nails, done with Color Club neon nailpolishes, and then stamped with black Konad and topped off with some matte top coat. These I actually really like!

It was sunnyyy~~


...and a drawing I did a year ago :D Ripped off from a picture, but this was a practise (without pictures or a refrence I really SUCK at drawing :D)

Have a nice week!

Sep 8, 2014

Green reflection

Hey hey heyy! Dark green nailsfor this week, spiced up with white Konad and some NfuOh flakie polish ;)


Have a lovely week ya'll <3 br="">

Sep 1, 2014

Blue Zebra!

The Fall is finally here! So a simple blue zebra nails for this monday ^^. Done with Konad of course :)

Have a nice week!

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