Aug 25, 2013

Snow white

I have to admit this is something I did ... last christmas....! I used Sugarpills Heart Breaker palette, but I wanted to do something darker with it, not just the crazy neon colorful look. And after actually studying makeup in the Mufe Academy, I see so many flaws and 'mistakes' here :DD Hahhah it´s so funny.

Gotta go to sleepp.... I´ll try to post some of my nails tomorrow :)


Aug 16, 2013

Metallic Marble

I made a water marble with China Glaze New Bohemian collection. The collection includes six colors, but I cannot remember which ones I used here.

The pictures don´t quite show the effect these really had : < So I don´t have any other pictures. So you can just look at the picture about me with my extencions. 


Aug 15, 2013

Studded nails?

A different way to do caviar manicure! Sweet but awesome. Not  so hard to do.

 I´m so tired after this schoolday, it was kind of rough and kind of long, so I won´t ramble today :3


Aug 12, 2013

Colorful Gothie

Time for a makeup instead of some nails allll the time. I used Sugarpill's Bulletproof (black), Poison Plum (purple) and Sleek's neon green from the Acid-palette. For lips I applied the super awesome Poisonberry from Lime Crime.

So my main point was just to practice the blending :3 And I did like the end result a lot.

It's so funny to look back at these pictures, which are from a few weeks back. In the past three schooldays we´ve been learning a lot about shading the face and ... I did not know anything about it, apparently. I mean, I don´t have any proper shading NOR highlighting on my face. No wonder I´ve always looked bit funny with makeup on. I cannot wait to go back to school to learn more.

Sometimes I just don´t understand how my crappy phonecam cam be so crappy that it doesn't even get all the colors... My makeup looks just black :D

The makeup works in black and white as well, apparently. I look like a goth. A little.

I don´t know, what do you think about the colors?

Thanks for reading!


Aug 10, 2013

How do you Ombre Nails?

I get a lot of 'how do do those' -guestions about my ombre style nails everytime I post a picture of them, either on facebook or instagram or anywhere. So très bien, I will share how to do it! Although you can probably find this from google like in -5 seconds :)

These are really easy to do, as you can probably guess. You just need to practise a little bit of blending and you definitely need the proper equipment, but you probably also already have them at your home.

Inglot - 953 (black) / Color Club - Mrs Robinson (neon purple) / Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink)

It´s really simple! First you file your nails, moisture cuticles, do the basecoat etc. whatever you do before usually applying nail polish. Take a makeup sponge, rinse it with water and then squeese all the extra water off. This way the nail polish will not absorb all into the sponge, thus saving you some varnish. Take the colors you want to use and apply them to the sponge, just as you can see above (from the sponges). Pat the colors to you´r nail, keep in mind that you want to blend them together from the middle! You can do a few layers usually. When you are ready, apply top coat and clean the cuticles either with a q-tips with acetone or with a nail polish remover pen, if you have one. Voilà, you're done!

My style to do them does not blend them enough,  so you could also apply the polishes on a plate/mixing palette first and them blend them together in the middle with a wooden stick. Then take it up with the sponge.

Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink) / Color Club - Koo-Koo Cachoo (neon orange)
I´ve been testing multiple colors and styles on my friends as well. These upper ones got a lot of positive feedback :) They're SUPER bright.

Color Club - Jackie Oh (neon pink) / Color Club - Koo-Koo Cachoo (neon orange)
....So I did them to myself as well :)

Inglot - 953 (black) / Color Club - KooKoo Cachoo (neon orange)

I don´t suggest first putting one one color and then trying to add the later color with the sponge. I tried it and the end result was... Not so good. I could not blend the colors together at all.

Flormal - No14 (neon green) / NfuOh - (neon yellow)

You can also use a white base underneath if you want to make te color pop some more. In my case I used Inglot's white 038 for the base.

Inglot 953 (black) / Opi - Grape Set March (shimmery purple) / Inglot 956 - (matte-ish purple)

Inglot 953 (black) / Opi - Grape Set March (shimmery purple) / Inglot 956 - (matte-ish purple)

Sometimes different textures work together seamessly :)

These last nails I did with the customers own polishes, so I have no idea what they were :)

You can basically mix any colors together, so get creative!


Aug 8, 2013

Blue hologram nails

NfuOh 065
 This is one of my first times trying Nfu Oh polishes! I wish they had some kind of names to the products, it´s so so hard to remember these... I ordered like 5-6 Nfu Oh polishes from France, since the reviews and swatches I´ve seen on the internet have been just amazing. (And yes they are way too expencive in Finland.)

So, here is the blue hologram polish 065, with some random base and top coat color. The formula itself was really difficuld to work with, I mean, really thick. You have to spread the polish correctly on the first stroke, because if you try to add some more 'color' on top of the polish you just put there, it will somehow wipe the first layer off. I know this sounds really confusing, but  that is the best explanation I can manage to do.

On some website someone recommended to get the Aqua base for these holo polishes, but since it was too hard or too expencive in Finland, I did not order it. I think they look pretty without them as well. MAYBE it would help in the applying part as well? If someone knows where to get it easily, please let me know!

In fluorecent light the nails don´t really look like much. I mean, you kinda have to try to reflect some lights from it, to see how awesome the color can be. The polishes are come in a really pretty bottles - there is like a corset around them.

So, in the sunlight they are so pretty :) But I don´t think I will be using the holos so often, because of the stickness of the polish..

I did order a silver holo as well, let´s see how it looks...


Aug 7, 2013

Make up Forever Helsinki

So today  we went to the Mufe shop in Helsinki. We went trough an enourmous amount of products, so I snapped some pictures from the store afterwards. It appears that Mufe has more than 1400 products, all which are in superior quality.

 Oh, all the things from the last two days that I have bought.... Shame on me! Or not...

I purchased this for cleaning my brushes, but I haven't tried it yet, so I don't have an opion about it. I will let you know how this works, later on. So far I've only used shampoo for cleaning, but I wanted something for the disinfecting as well.

Oh and the lashes from yesterday, from Duroy. I think might have an obsession with lashes. I just saw these and crabbed them. End of story. After purchasing these, I was told that the white straws on the lashes, will glow under black light, so I already got sooooooo many ideas and cannot wait to fulfill them.

These last ones just screamed cleopatra or something with a big black eyeliner so... Now they are mine.

Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow!!!


Make Up For Ever Academy Helsinki

Hi there!
My school has finally starteeeeed! So I am now a proud student of Make Up For Ever Academy Helsinki! I cannot even comprehend the excitement, even though taking this course makes me as poor as... well, every student in Finland. I´m excited for the things we will get to do, but for also for my new schoolmates, since I love making new friends :)

The classroom is all you would ever expect from a makeup school - Full with mirrors, lights and makeup chairs ♥ And of course enormous amount of makeup, makeup, makeup. Although actually I havent seen thw products yet, but I hear they are stacked safely in the teachers room ;)


 It seems that I´ve been taking pictures of my 'old' makeup stuff awhile ago? I literally bursted into laughter when I found these pictures. Since then I´ve still been obsessively 'hoarding' some more and more and more. Merde! And tomorrow we get to go to the Make Up For Ever's wholesale shop so I will probably go insaine !! I think my wallet will cry..... I want to buy everything. At least we get a huuuuge discount.

Oh jeah, actually we as students get discounts from various places, so (whoopsie) I already purchased like five pair of lashes and some other random stuff today. For really cheap and with good quality. Oh dear, I don´t know how I will survive this year!

 I´m really looking forward in getting some new hair stuff, so I hope I can get good deals with them as well. These curls I did for a birthday party with my lame 15€ straghtener and it was... Well, let´s just say r-e-a-l-l-y hard. Since the straightener doesn't even have round edges. In fact, it has quite angular edges.

Turned out okay, me thinks :3

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