Jul 12, 2012


Tan-tan-TAA! Yesterday I finally received my Solestruck order *love* 

 Jeffrey Campbell Cleata - Black Iridescent

These shoes are the awesomest ever!! I could not find any pictures of these on the internet, so here you go; *dumps pictures*.

 I do apologise that my camera captured the green color a bit funnily, so the shoes look more turquoise than they really are. The color (with black socks underneath) is something like between green grass and petroleum~

As you can see the shoes look a bit different with white stuffing inside, so by changing your socks or going without them at all gives you a different color everytime! Whan a diverse pair of shoes! OMG I totally love these, hands down. And yes they cost me a fortune, so I better like them for a long time x)

 Can´ttttttt get enough of these!!!

 Jeffrey Campbell Lita style has these hot hot hot shoelaces :3

Anyone else thinking these are AWESOME???????!!!

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