Sep 21, 2011

To the land of the rising sun !

 Birthday makeup 
Haappy birthday too mee...~ Ahh I´m so lame for not posting more often. I have an excuse: I´m leaving for Japan in 5 hours! Been very hectic around here.. Anyways, today I made a little more outstanding make up for work today, than usual. Sssoo, as _everybody_ knows, my favorite color is turquoise. And did I get a Make up Store´s eyeshadow pan in Aquarius, as a b-day present, from Rosi? Sorry I don´t have picture :(

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk Inner corner, lower lid
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Electric Blue Middle of the lid
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Black Bean Outer corner
MUS - Aquarius ★ Whole lid
Sugarpill - Tako Inner corner, lower lid
Sugarpill - Lumi Inner corner, lower lid
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid liner
 This color is by far my new favorite! Sorry ´bout the blurry picture. And because of the eyepencils, I didn´t have to put any other eyeshadow in the corners of my eye. So a little bit of black pencil in the outer corner, under the eyeshadow, and voilá ! Looks like 3D.

.. this is what I´m doing when I should be packing.... The red is Lime Crime´s Siren, I´ll introduce it when I get back :) Looks amazing!

"The Beauty and the Beast"
Last friday I spent some quality time with Jenni :) And then we went to "downtown" and met up with Rosi~

Rosi and me with "second day hair". I llove her makeup Now here I would say beauty and the beast because I look so... not presentable :D

I´ve been dyeing my hair to a more magneta color. As my friend said - 2 degrees to violet!

On saturday we went to cure our hangover with a good cup of Latte and a not-so-easy-to-eat sandwich. Honestly we should have had like axes or chainsaws or something to cut the bread.

My makeup was bright as usual. Lime Crimes Lime Criminal in the inner corner and Sugarpills Afterparty on the rest :) You know, makeup is not a rocket science after all ! :D

So we wandered around for awhile, I almost bought a corset from Morticia! It was only 60 euros, and fit me perfectly ;____; But I saved the money for Japan, and said that I´d return right after the trip !

We also visited cafe Java while waiting for a movie. We went to see Cowboys and aliens. Haha, James Bond and Indiana Jones in Wild West fighting Aliens. Could not be a bad choice for a movie.

Kiwi noms :3
Humm ~
And then some photo spam about my lovely Iittala Kivi tealights ! I´m off to the land of the rising sun, see you all in october!

Sep 18, 2011

Rainbow full of lippies~

 Earlier this week I finally got some unicorn mail! This is already third time I´ve ordered some Lime Crime stuff~ And since I haven´t really shown you these lipsticks before, I´m gonna show you the old and the new ones!

The Lime Crime box came this time packed in a bigger box. So this time no sweating for the lipsticks!

 There was the "Lip Noir" flyer inside ~

 Their package had gone from blue to lilac

 I also got some other things among the lipstick - but let´s return to them laterz~

First - LIP NOIR !

 Chinchilla is a grey-ish lilac with some awesome lavender undertones ! A must for all gray lovers.

Glamour 101
Glamour 101 - quite ordinary and glamorous red lipstick. Reminds me a bit of Inglot´s 229... You can never go wrong with this red!

I´ve would never ever thought I could wear BLACK lipstick. But what do you see? It suits even ME. Lip Noir

Moving on to the other lippies !

Airborne Unicorn
How I love the name :D A sweet lilac color, not too dark. I fell in love with this one before I even tried it.

 Centrifuchia - a name that says it all. A hint of fuchia in this beautiful color. Something to make a small but a different impression.

No She Didn´t
Haha this has to be the funniest color of Lime Crime :D But It´s my fav color so I had to get it. Doesn´t suit me the best, my doesn´t look the worst ether.

Another red one - but a BRIGHT one. If there were a neon color for red, this would be it.

A regular nude lipstick, maybe a bit more opaque than others that I´ve tried...

Great Pink Planet
And the best one for the last :3 I lllllllllllove this! An Opaque pink This one I´ve been using the most already.

And to the end I´ll just put up the lip swatches (in random order)~

Airborn Unicorn
Glamour 101
Great Pink Planet
No She Didn´t
What color did you like the most? : )

Sep 11, 2011

Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaugter

 Hello, hello, hello! So today I have a few new looks for you guys~ Mainly playing around with Sugarpill

 This look was "inspired" (aka copied) by Xsparkage Leesha´s Sugarpill look

I used Eylure Tokyo lashes "I´m Toshiko". I tought they´d go well with the colors of the look. And they did! But they were a bit too short for my eyes o_O

Other lash glued poorly :`D

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Sugarpill - Royal Sugar ★ Wet on whole lid
Sugarpill - Dollipop ★ Above crease
Sugarpill - Poison Plum ★ Crease
Sugarpill - Starling ★ In the middle of the lid
Nyx Jumpo eyepencil - Milk ★ Inner corner, lower lashline
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Inner corner, lower lashline
Sugarpill - Lumi ★ Inner corner, lower lashline
Illamasqua Presicion Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid liner
Eylure Tokyo Lashes - I´m Toshiko ★ False lashes

 Btw- I found this KILLER leather jacket from KappAhl, and already "accidentally" tried it on. It was soooo nice ;______; If I would not be going to Japan in 10 days, I would buy it. 149 euros.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients brought me these goodies as a thanks ;D a ghd shampoo for colored hair, replenishing conditioner and leave-in serum. These guys smell soo nice. They´ve been really good for my hair. I really cannot say nothing more at this point, because my hair is really needy, and it takes a long time to see the results.

Last Friday I went to Soilworks gig ~ For this (old looking o_O) look I used mainly Sugarpills Love + and Bulletproof and for lips Inglot 229.

And then I swatched all the lilas I had. Two MUFE:s, one Lime Crime, one Inglot and one Sugarpill. And obv I took a good picture of the swatch :D

..And with those I made my friend´s makeup also :) It looked sooo pretty ! Too bad I didn´t take a better picture :( The eyes look a little different here, because the light was coming from the left side of the pic.. So the other eye has little more shadows. There is MUFE pink glitter in the inner corner, some Inglot color on the whole lid and then MUFE dark lila glitter with Sugarpills Poisom Plum at the outer corner. MUFE:s were her´s so I have literally no idea about the names :D

 Mandatory picture about Minna Parikka´s shop, that we happened to walk by.

So the Soilwork gig itself was good, I just hated all the teenagers in there. But as an encore the band played Enter Dog of Pavlov ! First time they ever they played it live ~

Alchemy - La Nuit
I got a new alchemy necklace last week *yay*. A bat carrying a huge rhinestone ~

These hideous barbie nails I did some while ago... The idea in my mind was really something totally else than what the end result was. Ugh.

I also found a new dry shampoo ~
 Schwarzkopf´s got2b rockin it dry shampoo. This one smells particularily nice. I actually first got a rose (yes I was given a real rose, don´t ask lol). Then I went to get my blood sample taken. And the receptionist (when I just had applied this dry shampoo), when seeing the rose in my hand said to me that "oh your rose smell´s so nice". ....the smell came from my hair :D The product works just as well as others that I´ve tried.

Mainly these dry shampoo bottles are the problem. You hear a lot of complaints about how these tend to leak. So what I discovered with this one, is that the trick is to press the "top" always hard and quick. So if this bottle leaks after you have used it, you have to press one more time, really hard and it shouldn´t leak anymore. You might need to practise this. I´ve had this for a few days, and it´s not empty yet. We´ll see how it holds up.

 I like the logo on the bottle :)
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