Jun 29, 2012

All hail nails

Pictures only this time :)

 China Glaze Blue Iguana, Opi's Last Friday Night and some acrylic painting.

 Simple minty nails.

 Inglot's 956 with sparkle from Opi's Serving up Sparkle, with again acrylic painting.

 I actually won this Konad!! :D hehe, this is a Charming Nails original, go check it out! These I did like 6 moths ago, I´m not sure xD

The plate looks like this :)

 ..I have no idea if I posted these already? >:/

And latest but not the least, blue metallic nails with acrylic flowers. Hope you liked any of these :3


Jun 28, 2012

Heart Braker

Whoops! What is blogging? I think I have forgotten about it! Erm... So what's up? First the excuses (skip to the pictures if you´re not interested in my babbling :D); six weeks ago I got myself a bicycle. I´ve already paddled 500 km with it. Five weeks ago I started working out in a gym, and have been working there 5-6 hours a week. So yes... kinda of chancing my lifestyle here. I still have been doing makeup and I have a TON of pictures in my phone and in my camera.. But I´ve just been too busy with everything else.

Oh and also I started taking classes for getting a drivers lincence for a motorcycle! *happy* Oh jeah, and on top of all that, my computer´s battery died. I did orded a new one, but the company sent me a wrong one and then when I tried to return it (ordered from Germany) the Post informed me that they cannot deliver it, because it´s a lithium battery, thus dangerous. What the hell?? So now I´m stuck with a wrong battery and no money for the right one ;_____;. So my computer is slow as hell and I barely even use it anymore, since I got an Ipad2 from work. Anyway, life is good. Enough with the excuses? xD

AND then onto the important part! ^^ I got Sugarpill´s Heart Breaker palette ages ago, and yes, also I´m totally in lööööv. I don´t bother on doing a review, because you can find a ton of them on the internet. Insanely bright colors and I love the palette, that´s it.

The Bright blue is Velocity, sea blue is Mochi and the lime green is Acidberry. Simple, huh? I have no idea where I went with this look..

Don´t you just love the brightness of the Velocity !!

Lovely instagram photo ~

I can´t wait for the two now palettes Gold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby to come on sale!!!! I´ll be back with more Sugarpill :)

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