Dec 22, 2013

Happy holidays!

Again I have a ton of posts waiting... So I will start posting them just in a random order :D

Last week we had our portfolio week in school, so we each had to come up with 10 beauty photos. We had to make the schedule ourselves and find the models as well. 10 photos in 5 days was INTENSE. Some days I was at school for like 10 hours.. But I survived! And here are the results:

For every picture there were specifications and we are not allowed to photoshop any of the failures we might have made ;). All of the pictures taken by the photographer will be sent to France for approval and I won't hear from them until next year.

And now I have two weeks vacation from school, but not from schoolwork... So this christmas and new years eve I will be spending home doing them :D

As a last (but not the least!) model I had Marjut, which also made a blog post about it! There are more pictures!! Go check it here.

Talk to you sooon

Dec 8, 2013

Where did the summer disappear?

Hello hello!

Since I'm currently avoiding doing any schoolwork (hehe), I thought I´d post something! You know that stressfull feeling, when you know you're on a deadline, and even though you like the work you're supposed to do, you still do EVERYTHING else? Yeah, that's me...

I´ve been so busy with everything, that the time has just slipped from my hands. Wasn't it summer like three weeks ago??? Suddenly it´s almost cristmas?! Oh weell. I made nails with the winter theme/ Finnish Independence day which was last friday :)

I still have 10 facecharts I have to come up with, because we have a pretty important Portfolio week coming up, just before christmas.. I will be shooting half of my portfolio allready :O Oh and I have to arrange all the models and blah blah. Even my days 'off' I´m working. All the time.

The time has flown so fast these past five months. Or actually this whole year! I don´t know even where to start explaining all the things I´ve been doing since I started the Mufe Academy.. I've been doing over 150 hours of work practise -  Different hair or fashion shows, music videos, photoshoots etc. And that is all besides school! Last three weeks I´ve been working every other day in a different place! One day I´m at the school, next day at a concert, third day at a hair show and fourth day I have a photoshoot. ETC. I don´t think I´ve ever done anything this risky and intense, but I love every bit of it!

Becoming a make up artist can be a huge leap, since there is NO guarantee that you will ever have enough of work or that you will ever be good enough for this industry. This is something that you really need to want. Fortunately I´m one to have a lot of ambition and I AM going to make it. Watch me ;)

In September Havu Media made a short clip about Make Up For Ever Academy, when we did the makeups for Helsinki Fashion week show :) You can recognize me from my flamy red hair ;)

I have a FEW ton of pictures that I´d like to share, but shinse I always have a different models while working, it takes so much time and effort to get their permission to post certain pictures (yes although the photographer has always all the legal usage of the photos, I don't want to post anything that might make a conflict with my models).

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