Mar 28, 2011

My first ever attempt on marble nails

Oh dear, why haven´t I found this method sooner?

I just happened to surf web one night and I ran into a picture that had marble nails on it and I´ve wanted to try this before, I don´t know why haven´t I! So first I was too exited and wanted to see how my colors fit together, so I cut pieces from a white shoebox and then I just tried out different colors :`D . One thing I did immidiately learn, if the other color is thicker, it will dominate on the end result!

All of the upper ones were my favorite :3

So, for my first try I desided to use pink and black~
The pink is Wild and Crazy - w 159 Carissa
and the Black is Inglot 953

First I put an O.P.I. base coat and a pink base coat on top of it.

Now I should probably explain how this works, since I don´t have pictures from the actual prosess. You take a glass or a bowl or anything you can put water into. The water must be same as the room temperature, otherwise the polishes don´t work. So, I dropped firstly a drop of pink in the water, then black, then pink, then black... etc. You keep adding as much as you want. Then you can take an orange stick and you can draw different shapes to the polish coating that is on the water. Then just look for a good spot and dip you´r finger (you can do as many as you please at a time) onto the water. Then take the orange stick (while keeping your finger in the water) and pull out all the polish that was left on the water. This is suggested because if you just dip your finger in and pull it out, you´ll end uo having two messy layers on your nails!

These are the results after dipping my fingers:

Also a view from the palm :D:D Pretty eh? I should also mention, that the cleaning up was actually the harderst part. Well, maybe not hard, but annoying. And next time, I´ll definitely try to use ducktape or something to cover up my fingers :D

But the end result after cleaning up?


...Is neat! Pretty, no? I like all of them :3

Here is one tutorial from youtube. Btw my sounds are not working, so I have no idea if there is music or talking on the background. But here you can see how you can play with the shapes :)

Mar 25, 2011

Into the Black Light

Quick post due...... Droooool.... No better way to start a weekend, than to get a nice package with fabulous new shoez inside ♥

Did I mention they´re 14 cm high? Oh, and they came in two days. AND they cost under 50 euros. Ya´ll have a nice weekend! ~

Gojira - Satan Is A Lawyer

Mar 24, 2011

You may not be guilty, but you are ready to confess~

I keep telling myself that when I´ll get a new camera, this blog would be more interesting, but let´s face it, even I find it boring ;___; I have all these ideas, but no time to present them, obviously at least at the moment. Maybe I´ll do some changes. When I have the time :`D

 Me being happy. Look at the hair!

Dreads - I has them. 

I purchased dreadlocks :3 From cybershop, 9 e/package. Luv them! I use them on a ponytail at the moment. Maybe little too heavy, but what an easy "makeover". The picture does not give enough gredit tho.

Then a little makeup review:

Inglot Silver 096
Same silver with glitter ends~

I´m not pleased with the Inglot nailpolishes >.< They have a lot of nice colors, but you have to add _at least_ three layers of color for it to look like the color in the bottle. And yes, they do indicate this on their website. Maybe the colors are easier to work and to mix with, but… I find it annoying. But this silver is so pretty it´s worth the trouble :3 I wonder how terrible stamping nails would be with these o_O Btw I have 13 stamping plates on the way (hopefully coming soon) ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪~

I also purchased nude 48 Slim gel lipstick from Inglot. The ”slim gel” lipsticks are said to be more moisture than a normal lipstick, and that´s why I bought it. But it´s not! I still have to add lipbalm or gloss on top of it, to get a good feeling :/ Pretty  but dissapointing.

I finally finished this beige jacket! And it came out pretty well, althought I´m not too impressed by the fabric.
Nor the pic quality... But I got payed well 8D

Mentioning camera! I was thinking of buying it next month when I might afford it >.<. Can you imagine, atm first I take pictures with my phonecam, then I take my memory card from another phone which I use as an mp3 player (stole it from my brother), insert the card to my phone, move the photos to the card, take it out, put it to an sd adapter and then insert the adapter to my laptop :`D So yes, i do need a camera  and not only for the photo quality... And I talked with few "experts" about what camera I should choose, and we all ended up with Canon Powershot s95.

★ HS System & f/2.0 lens (the smaller the "f", the more data the camera can cather in dark space without flash)
★ High-sensitivity 10 MPix CCD
★ 28mm wide, 3.8x zoom lens, Hybrid IS (the smaller the mm amount, vider the angle and more stuff fits in the picture)
★ Lens Control Ring, Full Manual & RAW
★ 7.5 cm (3.0") PureColor II G LCD
★ HD movies, HDMI
★ High Dynamic Range mode
★ Smart Auto
★ Multi-Aspect Shooting
★ Optional Waterproof Case

It costs almost 400 euros, but it fits my current budjet. And I do have tought about this for a long time already. So, I´m gonna go to the shop and play with it for awhile, and if I like, I´ll buy. The end. :D

Ohh, I just realised that now I´ve worked …8 weeks for itella already. WHAAAT, where does the time go ;___; Seriously, time goes by too fast, I think I´m missing out on life :D …been working my ass off lately. Because I have two jobs! I leave at 9 PM and come home 4 PM, sleep 4 hours and go back to work :`D That´s the main reason I have not been blogging. But it´s springtime and sunshine makes me smile and I don´t feel tired at all and all of my worries are gonner :) .The other work ends this month, so in April I´ll have a life again! :D But a lot of work means money... So I might have ordered some things all over the world.:3 I have a FEW packages coming :3 hihihi, makes me giggle. I´m such a materialist! I´ll post pictures when these start dropping in :3 Mainly from UK, US and Hongkong. But also from Australia and Finland~ Lots and lots of pictures when I get ´em!

Niki and Niksu at their favorite spot :D

Carpark North - More

Almost weekend  ♥

Mar 22, 2011

Obsessed with vanity

Random pictures ahead~
But should I get these shoes? :3

Because I really like them !

...Nevermind, they are already on the way~ :`D
I´m honestly such a materialist.

This picture is from some random japanese magazine, and I brought it up, because I love this stule, Taylor Momsens "normal" style. She has a taste for good boots in real life too, but I don´t like her slutty emo goth look. I mean, she wears visible huge blouse and stockings and NOTHING else? I don´t get how these famous teenagers need to dress like a slut. Sorry Taylor, I hope you go back being just punk. And you actually _wear_ them clothes. Otherwise, luv her and love her music. She is the lead singer on The Pretty Reckless if you didn´t know. Oh, and she is 17 years old, so that makes her style even worse. Put on some clothes girl!

Then I was looking for a dress, something coctail like and I found this _pretty_ dress from Me Naiset magazine, but of course it´s some Guess dress and costs 267 euros o_O I mean.. Who buys that stuff?? Who can really afford?

...the best spring rolls you can get from shop! And it´s from Lidl, so is the sauce. And they are delicious!

Ahh, I´m also such a whore for Iittala Kivi series ♥ I got two of my first ones from Iittala dancing competitions~ If only they would not be so expencive... Just imagine a dark autumn night and these bright colours shining all over the apartment. I love candles!

This is actually on my workrooms wall. And it´s beautiful. I have just been taking pictures of the things I find pretty...

Random yewelry

And my lovely birds as usual. They used to love salad, but this time I had to eat it myself :D

This weekend I also saw the movie "Burlesque".. Of course I´m a sucker for these kind of movies :D It´s little like Coyote Ugly remake, with more singing (and fabulous Aguilera singing of course) and more pretty half naked women :D Btw the vanity word in my blogs name actually came to my mind from Christina´s song Vanity :P BUT the best part of the movie has to be... Cam Gigandet! :3 I mean... just look at the trailer


Mar 21, 2011

I´m back!

Sso… Where to start from :D I visited my relatives in Estonia! I was actually born on in Tartu. In summer 1992 I moved to Finland with my family and have lived here since. Few times a year I go there to visit my grandparents and other relatives :) 

Yes, there really is a sign like this in Tartu :`D Next to the "godfathers" bub!

..and this is the fist thing you see when you get off the ship :D 50 steps to the first bar.

In Finland, traintrip from Helsinki to Jyväskylä, lasts a little over three hours and costs over 50 euros. You get discound if you are a studend or retired. Where as in Estonia, a bus ticket from Tallin to Tartu (lasts two and a half hours) costs only 3,80 euros for _everyone_ under the age of 26! It´s like.. ridiculous. But ugh the bus I got onto, was a friday midday bus, which ment that it was filled with students. So first of all my seat was taken, and when I tried to explain to this estonian youngster sitting in it, that I wanted my window place so I could rest my head to the window and sleep, she acted like she didn´s speak estonian. So ok, I just sat next to her and thought I´d kill the time on my laptop. Then I realized the guy in front of me had taken his backrest right up to my face and I could not even open my laptop, I thought I´d loose it. I asked him to pull his chair up, and he did, but only for and inch I think, and that was when I just gave up. I was tired after working all night and having slept none, so I just swollowed my pride and dazed off in my not so comfortable seat.

So I FINALLY got myself Windows 7. And it works like a dream~ <3 And funny thing was that when we installed it, it took very little time and we had no problems, NONE. Usually you bumb into at least zillion problems!

Then I also got Office pack AND we cleaned the laptop from the inside so it doesn´t burn up anymore, and it´s silent as ... well very silent xD

And while daddy installed those things, I killed my time on his Ipad :3
Killing green pigs with different birds was actually quite amusing :`D

Daddy also had the coolest new car
Honda HR-V 2011

Just look at the size of these things o_O

The next day we went to see my grandparents and my little cousin found it funny to put his hat to our cat D:

My grandad has built this house all by himself from a hole in the ground. I´ve watched the house buildin up every year, since we used to visit them every summer when I was a kid. At first we lived in a small caravan like cottage next to this huge hole in the ground. And now the house has the basement, living room, kitchen, hallway, carage, toilet, sauna and changing room, and upstairs there is few more rooms :) My grandparents are so hardworking people!

Oh just how I wish it was summer already ;____; This picture I took last summer. Obv same picture as above :) So pretty....

And this is the view from the balcony (to our yard). The view continues so far and it has so much trees and when you look the sunset from here, you can feel your heart melting. It´s so beautiful ;____;
Some the houses in this village are literally buried in snow...

In Estonia, we have these counters full of cakes and sweets! You can get anything you want, and they are quite cheap.

For example, all of these small cupcakes etc cost under 1 euro. In Finland they´d probably cost over 2,5 euros. Looks delicious yes? :3

And then it was already sunday and t´was time to go home. The weather was beatiful :) Picture is from Tartu.

Then Tallinn..

And mandatory alcostore pic :`D

And then I went home and staight to work. 

In the end I wanted to embed a quest crew video, but they have forbid it for some reason.. So then 
Machinae Supremacy - Nova Prospect

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