Dec 30, 2011

See you next year!

From a sale~
Oh, was it christmas? Again it went past by so fast... So much eating and sleeping :P I went down with a flu on christmas eve (AGAIN) and I´m still having some symptoms >_> It´s always so much fun to serve a customer when you look like you´re crying. That is also the reason why I don´t have any makeup looks for you today. Also I lost my camera cord so I cannot upload any pics :D Hopefully next year will start stronger x)

The best part about the end of the year is that now the days start to get "longer" again! So the worst dark times are once again gone, without losing my sanity, that is :D I´m so sick and tired of the sun going down at 3 pm... And without any snow it´s always so dark :('

I don´t actually even feel that the year changes tomorrow.. I´m always working and I don´t even know where or with who I´ll be changing the year with :D 

Hot makeup nailpolish in light blue with Opi's Last Friday night
Ahh.. I have Sigma brushes, Sugarpill loose shadows (still) and a lotta of xmas presents to show next year. When I´m healthy and all. Oh I also have... 3 pair of new shoes. And new lipglosses. 6 of them.Till then!

I wish you all happy and healthy year 2012!  

Gambatte and I will return next year with even more hideous make-up looks and nails and stuff ;)


Dec 23, 2011

Natural Born Killers

 Time for some Inglot vanity! I tought I´d present all of my Inglot colors :) Earlier this week I went to buy my mom her first palette - and of course I just had to buy one for myself too :3.

And sooo much welcome to all of the new readers !!! I´m so honored, I never tought I´ve reach 100 readers o_O Thank you!

 This is the new palette! Mainly pearl colors - I´m so deeply in love with these! They are so easy to apply and to blend, AND they have so much pigment in them.

The funniest thing... This pearl blue I saw in some blog some while ago. And  I tought I need to get it! And I did. So I came home after that, and what do you see... I already own it in a round palette!!! I´m so stupid :D

HIGHLY pigmented! Brilliant colors x_x Just one touch and that is the result...

I was taking a picture of the palette but instead... This is where the magic happens. I have a laptop and a different screen attached to it - I like to work on multiple screens.

Ahh I´m too tired to write the names and numbers down... You should be able to see from the palettes, which swatch and pan is the same...

( hand looks sso weird)

These are the eyeshadows I got for my mom. A neutral palette!

It´s almost christmas! And I still have sooo much to do... Insane.

More, and more... and more...and more.
 I hope we´ll get some real snow for christmas :) This picture I took last weekend in Estonia, where there was - even if for only for a short time - white snow covering the ground ~

Ya´ll have a very merry christmas ♥


Dec 21, 2011

2010 vs 2011

Whew! I got this challenge from Rosi (like.. many months ago), and the point is to choose two photos; one from the fall of 2010 and one from 2011.
" Choose two photos, one taken in fall 2010 and the other now in 2011. Then throw this challenge to three other bloggers."

Summer 2010
I think that the main point here is, that in 2010, I hadn´t even tought about having my own blog. I had a different job... I didn´t own even half of the make-up I do now... I didn´t have a camera... So I also had very little photos of me at that time. The only decent one is actually from summer/spring 2010, but I´ll still use it :D

I had black hair and in this picture, I had just purchased my first hair extensions ~
Fall 2011
And now? I´m official make-up-, nailpolish-, and glitter junkie. My hair is reddish like and I own a ton of shiny jewelry. All about vanity huh... I actually have a job I like and I´m quite pleased with my life right now :3

The challenge goes to:
Sahily Anais

Next time I´ll present some Inglot swatches ;) 
(I STILL haven´t heard from my Lime Crime's Lipglosses. Hmpf. )


Dec 18, 2011

Small glitter afterparty

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Nyx JEP - Milk ★ Lid, inner corner and brow highlight
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Lid, inner corner and brow highlight
Sugarpill - Afterparty ★ Crease, outer corner (the green)
Lit Cosmetics - Rich & Famous ★ Glitter as eyeliner
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill ★ Mascara the title says. Same makeüp as before, just with different colors. And taken with a flash. Weirdly enough, this makeup made my eyes look smaller o_õ

I love afterparty ~

I decided to get one of Sigma's brush kit´s on January... I seriously am in need of good brushes. It is realllly hard to blend without a blending brush :DDD AND the mrs bunny colors are so calling meh.

This glitter is Rich & Famous, the one I haven´t actually intoduced to you yet. I´m planning on using it maybe on New Years eve :)

I just got back from Estonia, so I´m drop dead tired :D This was actually my 8th plane this year x) (yeah yeah so 4 trips alltogether), makes me almost feel rich. (hah) Anygays... not much to say. I got myself a new pair of jeans... Cost 25 € :D In Finland, they would have been 60 €.

Blabla, maybe I should go to bed now. I still haven´t gotten my Lime Crime's Carousel Gloss shipment >_>


Dec 16, 2011

Midori no xmas makeup

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Nyx JEP - Milk ★ Lid, inner corner and brow highlight
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Lid, inner corner and brow highlight
Sugarpill - Midori ★ Crease, outer corner (the green)
Sugarpill - Bulletproof ★ Brows
Lit Cosmetics - Fire Cracker ★ Glitter as eyeliner
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill ★ Mascara
I got some new Sugarpill stuff ~ Forgot to take a picture of the actual product tho x) I´m now presenting Midori! Green, very pigmented eyeshadow. (Midori means green in japanese.)

I have no idea why I´m so yellow o_O

And of course the Lit cosmetics won´t let you down ^______________^
I also did some xmas nails :)

Ya´ll have a nice weekend, I´ll be rushing onto the airport in a hour ;)


Dec 15, 2011

Dragon Scales

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Black Bean Lid and crease
Lime Crime - Dragon Scales Crease
Inglot - Pearl 405 ★ Lid
Inglot -Pearl 409 Inner corner
Sugarpill - Bulletproof Brows
Sugarpill - Lumi Brow highlight and over the lid n' crease
Maybelline Gel eyeliner - Black Eyeliner
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to kill
 Ton of pictureas ahead! Over a week ago I went to see Opeth in Helsinki Ice Hall ~ So kind of I was going for... dark, brown and greenish make-up. And I´m here to praise the effect that Sugarpill's Lumi does.

In some light, the makeup looks quite ordinarry, shimmery brown. Dragon Scales itself is already so multicolored eyeshadow, I tought it just might look really nice with the Lumi.

 Out of like hundreads of photos - only one of them shows the true identity of Lumi. Somehow it is REALLY HARD to catch this effect on camera. Anyone else have same problems or is it just my camera?

I also tried to see how it looks in really radiant light.. intresting, huh?

Shimmery ★________★

Do listen to some of Opeth; I guarantee you´ll like it

BTW. This was my 100th entry! Thank you for all of my readers ~


Dec 13, 2011


I have this folder on my desktop, where to I put awesome pictures I find on the internet. And I want to share them with my readers ♥ Most of them are from different blogs, makeupbee, beautylish or something else. Do let me know if I´m adding something you own and don´t want to be published here (or you want me to add a link to your bloc etc.), just let me know!


Rose Shock


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