Jun 29, 2011

The truth is just a rule you can bend

The best Juhannus ever... As I mentioned before, I was in venetmäki at the "Repo" household. Repo means fox, it´s the familys surname. They own this huuge beautiful school, it´s so unique.
Repo the Fox
The Repo family was soo kind to make as all the dishes during the weekend from breackfast to nightsnack!!! So we could just enjoy and party ~ I actually played a lot of volleyball, you should see my hands, which are blue :D And the best part was of course the best company ever, but also that it never bacame dark outside :3 I played the volleyball like till 2 am and thought the time was something like nine pm!

Guys cheating

We also had Venetmäki olympics! And as you can see the guys cheated :D The girls aka the Powerpuff team was the last of course :D

Tyty (Anni) Cheering

Can you even make a beer can look more finnish? :D

Snow Crystal - Spring Lilac 452
Konad stamping

Messy ~

What a gear :`D

Best people ever ♥
I finally feel like I got to enjoy summer, even though it rained a lot and there vere illegally too much mosquitoes. Happy happy ~

Jun 28, 2011

Red Revolution

~ Hair from the side ~
  Lately I´ve been getting some comments about my "gorgeus" red haircolor! :) So let´s talk about my hair, shall we? :3 I´ve had aaaalll kinds of hair color you can think of... From red to green, from black to blonde.

Some time ago I went from black to red - which was not easy because I had been using "shop" color black (dying it myself at home), which does NOT come off. So first we had to gently bleach my hair two times and then I´ve been just adding red ever since. Can´t really tell what brand I´m using - we usually mix whatever looks good :)

Usually I get bored with my hair color really easily, but I´m really liking this red, and I´m staying with it... for awhile at least :)

Some previous styles:


Nowdays (with a light that makes the color look bit orange o_O)

So how do I get it so red? Considering that there is the black color stuck deep within the hair and the red color usually washes out pretty fast. All bright haircolor owners know that it is slightly impossible to maintain the vivid color for more than a week.

So I thought I´ll list some of my favorite hair producs~

Schwarzkopf  BC Bonacure - Repair Rescue

This condioner/mask immidiately makes the hair more alive. Almost like feeding it the vitamins it needs. Best "normal" conditioner.

Schwarzkopf  BC Bonacure - Color Save Shampoo

 I´m also using same set shampoo. Comes in a big and easy to use bottle.

KC Professional Color Mask - Pepper
...and here the secret is! Color mask in pepper color. Makes even the dullest red hair as bright as the strawberries ❤ Best best best tinting condioner ever. My favorite. Don´t think I´l ever have to try another one.

+ It smells ssso good.
+ Gives you a deep vivid red
+ Can be used home

- you have to use gloves when applying :D

Davines Alchemic Conditioner
This conditioner works well, even with brown hair. The stuff inside is a bit scary tho, it´s bright pink! Great for shine, but does not color the hair. Good for moisture!

Goldwell - Hot Darling
 A styling lotion, which protects the hair from heat. Always always always remember to use something like this when blow drying etc your hair! The "hotness" really damages the hair! To use, apply to damp hair and blow-dry or style with a hair straightener.

Sim sensitive System 4 Chitosan Hair repair
  A leave-in spray for dry and damaged hair, also protects from the heat and sun. Is supposed to rebuild and repair the dameges in the hair with chitosan and creatine.

Nivea Styling Mousse
 Great for long lasting volume~ Also protects the hair from the heat. Works well if you dont add too much :D

Bigsexyhair Volume Dry Shampoo
 Having a bad hair day? This will fix it! Just spray the product to the hair and comb off. "Use on dry hair to absorb dirt, excess oil and protuct build-up. Greate volume, providing UV protection and helping to maintain color" There is only one bad side, just like in the rest of the worlds dry shampoos. After one use, the bottle starts leaking dry, and mine took like three weeks and... five uses, until the bottle had only little liquid inside anymore, and nothing came out.

Anyone happen to like any of these products? :)

Don´t we just love Gagas current hair?!

Jun 23, 2011

Tainted love

Hey guys what´s up? I just haven´t been able to blog, because my life has basically gone upside down. And in a good way! Btw hello new readers, you are warmly welcomed to my humble blog :)

So, last thursday I got the results from the school I had applyed - which indicaded that I did NOT get in. And man was I bummed! I had allready thought I´m in. It  turned out that they took only 18 out of 379 applicants :O Meaning that I wont get to study make up in a school. Not yet at least...

...but I did these nails this week.
China Claze - Ruby Pumps 70577
Konad Stamping art

 Many have been asking me why should one use base coat before doing their nails. Answer is simple:

You don´t want them to look like this!
 I started using base... like half a year ago. And the upper nail picture I took today. So shortly, if you constantly use nailpolish without a base, it´ll turn your nails yellow (you can see the tips are yellow). And it takes half a year or more to grow totally new nails. So i´m growing them :D You could also bleach them somehow, or so I´ve heard.

Nail buffers
Also don´t forget to buffer your nails! Buffering them makes them smoother and the nailpolish will have a longer last. You just do as the buffer says - First file the edger of your nails (I usually use a glassfile for this part), then remove ridges, smoothen the nails and lastly make them shine. A huuuge difference is to be seen when adding top coat after buffering :)

Oooo such pretty shoes. Wonder if they are Louboutins.. I want them!

I also want the thingy this girl is wearing under bust
I´ve been looking for underbust thingies like this for a year now, ever since my Estonian friend had one. And this picture is from Lip Service Fall collection Step in Time.

Same here ~
The "thingy" (can you call it a belt? corset? thingy? :D) is NOT on the preorder list, so I´ll just have to wait till Fall to see a closer look... Lip Service does have an other underbust thingy too but i´t not what I want.

Aand rest of the post will be pictures! Last weekend I was in Kotka for a seminar and I took some cool photos with Carin:

This was my best shot - Click to see a bigger version!

So back to the life changing parts of my life. ----- I went for my plan B (which I actually had almost made my plan A) and ended up getting a new job. All I´ll tell you right now is that I´m an assistant site manager :D Or will become that. I´ll still work two weeks for Itella (just signed the quitting papers) and then I´ll be on a vacation for three weeks :3 And THEN, in august, I´ll start the new job. I´m super exited because the group working with me is the best you can imagine. I actually met them last monday, when we went sailing!

With this (Finlands seventh biggest sail boat?) we sailed from Lauttasaari to Suomenlinna and then to Kauppatori :)

Sky tearing up ~

Two worlds

Before I forget - This picture is taken from Innocent smoothies bottle, and it still cracks me up. :D

Just read. Muffins, schmuffins

Today I´m off to Venetmäki to celebrate midsummers party; Juhannus! I´d like to remind all you enjoying the summer - there are two important things not to forget.

OFF for mosquitoes and a good protection against the sun :3 So please remember to enjoy summer, while it lasts and I´ll be back next week with the hair post - secrets for my (they say i´ts awesome) red hair~

Jun 16, 2011

Review: So bright, it´s Illegal / Lime Crime

I finally got this sooo lovely package from Lime Crime. Joy time!

Playing with colors~

Elf eye primer
Lime Crime - Lime criminal wet on the whole lid
Lime Crime - Shoe addict on the outer corner and under
Lime Crime - Circus Girl on the inner corner
Sugarpill - Starling and Magpie on the outer corner and under

What is Lime Crime?
A make up line made by Doe Deere. You can check her blog out here. In short, she is a russian, that went to US to pursue her dreams and invented the line, to get the colors the world was missing. They sell "magic dust" eyeshadows and bright lipsticks. And all of the protucts are vegan :3 I ordered my package from their website link!

BTW! Lime Crime is having 30% off sale, the date will be announced on June 24st on their Facebook page!

So, I´m once again doing an honest review. I purchased these items myself and I have no reason to lie. I can tell that I have high expectations of the products, after reading sssooo much praise about them!

So first off, I´m bummed for not ordering any lipsticks! I didn´t have enough money then.. But maybe now when the sale starts! Instead I got four eyeshadows!

...cuuuute package!
The products came in this package. I jumped of joy when I saw it. It immidiatelly tells about bright colors! It took just over a week to arrive in Finland.

Magic dust box 
The downside of this jars are that they are made of some cheap plastic and it is sometimes hard to close the top lid. I find myself constantly fighting with them.

These I got; Empress, Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal and Circus girl

And here are some swatches:
Dry from left to right
Lime Criminal
Circus Girl
Shoe Addict

Wet´n dry on black

Wet on skin - Circus Girl, Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal and Empress

Wet´n dry with flash
And then lets look at the colors individually! Just because sometimes when you do swatches and take photos of them, you notice that some of the colors disappear under the influence of others. If you know what I mean ;)

Empress used wet on a primer
 Ugh i´m not good at blending D: . I like how the color has this blueish shimmer to it. In a jar it looks like just dark purple, but in real it turns to be more this royal silver shaded purple. I like it veeeery much

Lime Criminal
Lime Criminal used wet on a primer, gel eyeliner from Maybelline
This Lime Criminal is Lime Crime´s signature color. This is very bright and vibrant lime color~ Obv. I find this color to be a lot shinyer than the others that I got, but that just fits the color. Best lime I´ve seen!

..and the lime goes well with red! Wearing Inglot lipstick 229

Shoe addict

Shoe addict used wet on primer, feat some Inglot colors and Maybelline eyeliner
In this picture it looks a lot like Sugarpills Afterparty but in real this one has more "glittery" look. I luv luv luv this color! Simply awesome.

Circus Girl
And with this color, I don´t have an eye swatch. Why you may ask? When you apply this color wet, it looks normal, shimmery as the rest. But when you start to blend, all of the shimmer falls off and you end up having normal yellow o_o! So this is more like additional color, for inner corner etc. When I did the look in the first picture, I used this dry and it looked nice.

In future I want to get at least Medusa, Siren, Trubadour, Diva and Dragon scales of magic dusts And the primer. I definately want to try the primer. Anyone got opinions of it? And then from the lipsticks I want at least.... all of them. Let´s see!
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