Apr 29, 2011

They say friends forever

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my good friend Stina ♥

 Found killer sunglasses in Seppälä!

She moved to England almost a year ago already and suddenly popped up in Finland last week, giving me at least one heart attack :D Seeing her for a short time reminds me of how much I really miss her :( So hopefully she can come here in summer also! You can check out her blog here btw.

Omnom we ate some "chinese"~

And for dessert we have some REAL ice cream in Itäkeskus Ciao Caffe ♥

Delicious yes? :3

So we might have ended up walking around... And walking around means finding shoppings :D So These I found in Seppälä, just look at the prices. Not bad, uh? 

So here we have Two Rimmel metallic eyeshadows
101 Glam Rock
140 Spotlight
and MSCHIC Seppälä Liquid liner 03 Steel Grey

It seems I have a thing for metallic "colors" currenlty~

This tee I found in Seppälä also. It says "I love shoes. I´m superficial. So what." :D And the fabric is super soft o_O

And I found the most psychedelic glasses _ever_. 10 e cybershop.

Btw these I found last week From Vila. I was looking for new shorts and I just happened to find them! EVen tho I was not supposed to buy anything >.<

Oh! And this I got as a present from my aunt~

Haha I forgot to take picture easter nails! So here are the nails I had yesterday.

Ups, last week I also found this new ring! But can´t remember where o_o

Last weeks.... Also a new knit and another sunglasses.

Oh and also! So tiimari doesn´t have "carpet knives". So I got Fiskars knife from Sinelli! Actually very good to cut fimos!

Niksu playing ingnore game.

Haha tourist! Hyvää vappua!

Apr 21, 2011

Runaway train

Just a quick look on this weeks nails since I´m too busy to do anything else~

Made with Inglot silver polish and Konad stamps. Looked like real Minx nails!

Leopard print! Made with Opi Golder rules and Konad stamps

..and after covering my nails with Rimmel matte top coat :3

I have lot´s and lot´s of pictures to show, I´ve been gettin some make up stuff and clothes AND have traveled around a bit (It seems that I´m never home). But those will have to wait.... till after May Day (vappu). Ya´ll have nice warm and sunny easter!

Apr 13, 2011

Must be the angels on a rampage

So this is the so highly expected BIG nail update½!! (Or not). Well, it is a nail updade at least :D

Rimmel - Matte finish top coat! An easy way to to do something new with your nails.

Let´s start with the package from 

It took 4 weeks to get the package D:  It came from Singapore and it had goodies like this:

 Color is 042 Sky Blue, not sure about the name tho; DiCi?

It has a lot of pigment in it, and in the pic above, there is only one coat on my nails! Whoa. And the color is the prettiest ever.

 12 stamping templates! These are some cheap version of the Konad plates, but they work as well. Note; you can click the images to see them in original size~

Also a scraper and a stamper. So basically you add the special nail polish on the plate, scrape it and then take the image on the stamp and stamp it on your nails. What an invention!

100 fimo canes!

There are all kind of designs. Some are pretty ridiculous, and some are just pretty. :3

And then I ordered some things from Takes only 2-3 days to reach my door!

Real Konad set; scraper and two way stamper.

Four Konad special nail polishes for stamping. I do intend to try my own ones too tho.

Three templates :3 Leopard and zebra prints.

Aand then things I ordered randomly from ebay:

Five different sized tools for decorating nails~

Zillions of rhinestones! A little closer look at these:

Five different colors, round shaped rhinez. Many sizes ♥

 More fimos! Fruits and flowers~

All kinds... pretty colours!

★ Silvers ★

 White and golden small pearls

....and all colors and sizes.I think all of these rhinestones cost like 10 euros?

I also purchased Opi base and top coat from Stockmann. I´ve only tried Mavala ones before, and I have to say that I like Opi more.. They have bigger bottles and they last longer. I actually didn´t use base coat before, because I thought; the more layers you add, the faster the design chips off. But not with Opi base coat! It honestly just adds the lifetime of the nail!

Oh and I also got tapes for decorating nails!

So for this look I used
Opi base coat
Skyblue polish
Konad stars from template
and Rimmel matte finish top coat ♥

I also did some marble nails again, but this time only the last nail looked good :D:D

Mm, jup, that´s it then! I´m super exited about this stuff ♥

Pendulum - Witchcraft

Apr 5, 2011


Omnomnomnom, best salad ❤
Finally itś spring! And the snow is melting fast, because it´s been raining for a week i think.

Last week we had little girls night out~

And we made tortillas, painted nails and talked girly stuff. We also laughed ourselves to death because of this.

My nails

For Jenni~

For Samira~

Oh and there was also The Devin Townsend gig in Kaapelitehdas last week ♫♪ Btw Devin is releasing two new albums this year! "Ghost" will be more chillout (it think) and "Deconstruction" will be more heavyer stuff~

Erm, my outfit for the gig. Note to myself - Don´t EVER wear those shoes for an event where you have to stand or walk for 5-6 hours! Took me three days to get the numbness off my toes :`D but luv spiderweb tights!

Oh yes, I have been getting some packages :3

Red leopard pattern pencil skirt~ Just ignore the crappy mirror.

Alchemy yewelry! Dragons with swarowski stone.

...and this is a little embarrassing, but I´ve always wanted this xD

But it´s sso pretty ;______; And with of course Swarowski stone. No other.

And for the things I did NOT get:
I lost a bid in Ebay for these.. On the last second ;___; These are Iron Fist - Siren Platform pumps, and they are not manufactured anymore!

Also the hottest leather jacket! This is a Trash and Vaudeville Motorcycle jacket. I would have bought it, but I have two trips abroad coming up in summer and autumn :3

Oh, I almost forgot! I bought the canon powershot s95 :D And woo ... such a difference.

 Next time I´ll do a nailblog, I´ve been getting a LOT of nail stuff~

The Devin Townsend project - Feather (From upcoming album Ghost)

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