Nov 29, 2011

the Winner takes it all

First of all - my apologies for not posting this when promised. I was away for the weekend and when I got back I had overwhelmingly too much to do. Let´s cut to the chase shall we? ;)

The WINNER of my Lit Cosmetics Giveaway is Sahily Anais !!! Congratulations! You will receive the MiniMe Lit Kit which contains one Solid Lit glitter; Beach Baby, 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, two small brushes and a sparkle duster, all in a silk tote bag!

Thank you all for entering and I hope I gan have a next giveaway soon! ;)


Nov 25, 2011

Giveaway ends tomorrow!

Just a reminder that the Lit Giveaway ends tomorrow! I will announce the winner latest on the 28th of November. Good luck to you all! AND a recap:

"I will be giving away this MiniMe Lit Kit! It contains one Solid Lit glitter; Beach Baby, 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, two small brushes and a sparkle duster, all in a silk tote bag!

 How to enter the Giveaway
1. You have to be a reader on my blog (it´s easy - just click "Join this site" and follow the instructions.)
2. Comment below (on any of my Lit Series entries), what Lit Glitter/Color did you like the most.
3. Like Lit Cosmetics on Facebook (Not mandatory to win, but would be nice :3)

Contest Details:
- So the prize is the MiniMe Lit Kit which is shown above
- I will pick a random winner using on the 27.11.2011
- The contest will last for a month, starting now and it will end on 26th of November
- I will announce the winner on my blog and send a message to her/him
- Open internationally!

So the winner gets the prize as an early Christmas present ;) And for those still wondering - YES THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. I personally think that it´s rude to make a giveaway and then announce it´s (for example) for US readers only. There are a lot of bloggers outside the states, you know? :D

Few rules: Please don´t spam. Open for all ages and genders. One entry per person. If you have multiple comments about the favorite glitter, I´ll count them as one. Good luck to all!"


Sugarplum Fairy

 Color Club seems to be my newest polish love :) I saw both of these polishes on Charming Nails blog. And drooled so much, I had to order both immediately. And I haven´t regreted ether one!

Sugarplum Dairy is an amazing lilac holo glitter and the Foil me once is perfect metallic pink/lilac.

Instant love for me, how about you?

Funny story: I was shopping at Stockmann´s Beauty department for Armani products and the saleswoman actually got more interested in these nails than me buying something :D


Nov 24, 2011

Lit Series: Twisted Sistah

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Inglot - Pearl 439 ★ Whole lid and crease
Inglot - AMC shine 35 ★ Brow highlight, inner corner
Sugarpill - Starling ★ Lid (blue)
Lime Crime - Empress ★ Crease (lilac)
Lit Cosmetics - Twisted sistah ★ On the Empress
Illamasqua Presicion Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid eyeliner

 Time for Twisted Sistah! A free glitter I got from Lit Cosmetics ;) All of the other internet beauty bloggers have done quite simple and hold back looks with this glitter, I thought I´d make something little bit more outstanding :P
Twisted Sistah
 A sheer lilac glitter :)

Solid glitter size 2

On lips - Lime Crime´s Chinchilla

Lit cosmetics feat. Sugarpill ~ I actually like the harsh edges.

My hair is changing daily ;) How do you like the colors?


Nov 23, 2011

Little Miss Delicious

This has GOT to be my most spontanious purchase _ever_. Some while ago I run across one facebook page and I liked the colors and cute things I saw there, so I "liked" the page. But since I was in a hurry, I forgot all about that page and brand afterwards. Suddenly few days later, an update pops into my Facebook homepage.

"We're offering 15 lucky customers the chance to own £50 worth of Little Miss Delicious goodies for a jaw dropping £15! Each pack contains a selection of cute surprises, including necklaces, bracelets, magnets and more. No two packs are the same, and they will sell out VERY fast - so don't miss out!"

I listened my instincts without any thoughts, clicked to their website and ordered! ...without thinking :D...without actually even knowing what I might be getting x)

The package was a bit smaller of what I had been waiting for, but still did not fit into my mail box ;D

The first thing that caught my attention: the cutest princess/hime hair comb :3 I feel like I could seriously eat the decoration on it!!

other side up
Cookie earrings! X____________X How cute! I love these the most. Also very edible :P

Cherry earrings, these I found quite ordinary. I bet I could find something similar in a normal yewelry store.

And a donut necklace :D Actually, if you add any one of these to you costume, it will stand out. I noticed this when I was wearing this necklace at work with just normal work clothes, it really stood out :P IN a cute way!

It´s a shame that I didn´t get any bracelets or rings :( Also I would have wanted a colorful donut! :/ Check out Little Miss Delicious blog here :)

I also went to Gina Tricot some while ago.. And told me that I couldn´t buy anything. I still did. When I´m not supposed to buy anything, I buy even more. *sigh* Anyone know this feeling?

So I got a matching bracelet and a necklace :)


Lit Series: Fire Cracker

Lime Crime - Candy eyed eyeshadow helper Primer
Sugarpill - Goldilux Whole lid and crease (wet)
Sugarpill - Love + Blending at the ends of the red
Lit Cosmetics - Fire Cracker Lid (red)
Lit Cosmetics - Rich & Famous Lower lashline
Inglot - AMC Shine 35 Brow highlight
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid eyeliner

Time for Fire Cracker! I´ve been drooling over Sugarpill´s Asylum now for ages, but this will have to do before I can get it ;)

This time I was actually trying to fiqure out what make-up to do for the evening, so I just played around with this. And took some pictures to show you as well. I love how this has a sheer sparkle in it :)
Fire Cracker
 Very christmas-y color :)

Solid glitter, size 1 (!)
Size 1 is actually really similar with the electrics.. Just a little bit easier to work with.
Lime Crime - Candy eyed eyeshadow helper Primer
Sugarpill - Love + Blending at the ends of the red
Lit Cosmetics - Fire Cracker Lid (red)
Lit Cosmetics - Cayman Lower lashline
Inglot - AMC Shine 35 Brow highlight
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid eyeliner
Another look! Cayman actually fit with the red quite well! Cayman is also a free color I received :)

A hideous picture with flash. But believe me, it looked even worse when I tried to make the picture darker. But here is the how the Fire Cracker and Cayman sparkle!

PS!!! Lit Cosmetics announced on their Facebook page: " "Black Friday" glitterama sale. Lit will be offering "Buy 1 glitter and get 1 FREE". You will basically buy your colors online and your FREE color choices can be typed into the "Comment Box" when checking out. Sale time = Thursday midnight till Friday midnight. Tell your friends!!" Hurry up and start choosing ;)


Nov 22, 2011

Lit Series: Gunmetal

Lime Crime - Candy eyed eyeshadow helper Primer
Inglot - Pearl 444 Outer corner (dark)
Inglot - Pearl 420 Lid (sheer lilac)
Inglot - AMC 65 Outer corner (Black)
Inglot - Pearl 447 Inner corner, brow highlight (silver)
Inglot - AMC Shine 35 Inner corner
Lit Cosmetics - Marilin Monroe Lid
Lit Cosmetics - Gunmetal Outer corner
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid liner
Inglot - S67Lashes
Last friday I had an pre christmas party with my colleaques and I was wearing actually two Lit Glitters :)
A bit more darker tone in the glitter, when in jar. But super elegant and fun!

Solid glitter, size 3
 I just actually started liking the size 3 more than 2!

My face that day... Lips by Inglot & Lumene. And here I´m still wearing my work clothes :D

.....I´m not falling asleep x)
You can see, the Marilin Monroe is size2 and the Gunmetal size 3. Both wery well blended together - and they look goooood....

Sparkle sparkle ~

Looks like liquid gunmetal ♥____________♥ Feat. a poorly glued lash :P

I have Fire Cracker and and Twisted Sistah also coming soon ;)


I don´t mind you keeping me on pins and needles

China Glaze - Blue Iguana
 Ahhhhhh I LOVE this blue! It has a sheer violet shimmer to it - altho the picture doesn´t show.

 And the polish was also so very lasting! I forgot to add a top coat but still the manicure lasted very clean for over a week o_O Aka no chipping or breaking - none.

 Last Saturday I was at a friends house-warming party! Hoo, and after that we moved to downtown to Base. Which was very FULL. Almost didn´t get in!

With Marjut and Rosi... And Valtteri behind us.
 Do notice our really different and outstanding hair colors x) Magenta//pink, nuclear red and lavender \o/

 I was wearing a skirt I ordered from Australia like ages ago, never worn before ! :D What a waste! (I had piled a lot of other skirts on top of it so I kinda forgot It´s existence :P)

also a Spirit Store boots... worn many many times.

 I took a picture of Rosi´s leather jacket´s studs :P Neat, huh? Somehow reminds me of Lady Gaga (now that the picture is in Black and White.)

Rosi got a flower necklace while I was in a bathroom :DD

Haven´t lately been feeling like writing, thus so little from me also this time. I do have a lot of pictures, just nothing to say :D I hate these long dark days when it just rains all the time and you feel like there is only but darkness everywhere.


Nov 17, 2011

Foil me once

Color Club - Foil Me Once
 Why have I not found Color Club polishes before?? Pretty bad lighting in the upper picture (that´s why I still don´t have decent makeup pictures to post about) but It´ll have to do. I wanted to share a few cool nail blogs that I have found!

Be sure to check them out :) Great swatches and great designs !

 Also a neutral work look! And I already started dying my hair bit colder ;)

Just a bunch of Inglot colors and Lime Crime´s Diva magic dust ~

...yeah, this is super short entry. I haven´t had time to do _anything_ blog related, sorry!

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