Jun 4, 2013

MUA Mari-Liis is now on Facebook!

As I mentioned before - I have some exciting news to share with you! Some of you might know, that makeup has always been just a hobby for me, and for living I have been doing something totally different. But that is only because I haven´t got a chance to work in this industry. But now, I sincerely hope this will change, since I have been accepted to a make-up school starting this fall! I won´t announce the name of the school just yet, I wanna be sure I have a permission to do that :) And when I´ll get that, I can post about all of the fun things we get to do in our school ;)

As a student I will be needing a lot of all kinds of people as my test subjects! I will be making a portfolio of all of my work, which will be sent to Paris to be approved!! I´m so excited!! So my models will be apart of that portfolio :) So I´ll be needing people in Helsinki area and to help me find these people, I have made a Facebook page for me as an makeup artist! I hope that you could all share your support, so if you are on Facebook, pleace go and like my page! Spread the word, so I can actually find _anybody_ to be my model :)

Thank you all!!


Jun 2, 2013

Little red Velvetines

Ho hohoho - Happy new year all of you lovely readers who have sticked by me! I know I haven´t been really here, but I´ll try to change that right now! Why am I saying happy new year in the beginning of June? Because I actually made this post last christmas :'D Blogger screwed me over and I haven´t been able to upload any pictures here, for months! FINALLY this problem has been settled, so now full throttle into blogging, I promise! ;-)

Firstly we can talk about the new Lime Crime products I ordered (now like 7 months ago..)!

 I waited for a long time to see any swatches of these online, to figure out if I would buy them or not. But NONE, NADA (at that time at least :D)! (Maybe it has something to do with the LC haters.. AND for everyone who reads this - you do NOT have my permission to quote me nor use my photos. You may link my page but I do not want to see everything here ending up like the last time. You know, when my LC post got totally trashed and I had people WHO DO NOT KNOW ME calling me a liar and a empty minded idiot etc. I´m again reviewing these products as I see them myself and yes - I did purchase them myself. As I like to think, if you don´t have anything nice to say - shut the hell up.)

Well on to the purchases. I took a leap of faith and ordered both of these Velvetines. The Red Velvet is obv the darker one. Their texture is same in both of lip...stains? They're not really stains, but you cannot call them lipsticks or glosses either. When applying it feels like putting on melted cream. They´re rather easy put on, but if you mess up, you better clean up quickly! It takes about 20 seconds to try and the result is a pretty matte lip color.

Yeah, we had snow back then :D

In my use it did fade in couple of hours tho.. Even when I wasn´t eating. It looked like an ombre lip style.It also felt really dry all the time. Nothing that a lip balm cannot fix. I read some reviews where they tought that the product didn´t feel dry, so I´m hoping our Finnish -15 climate had something to do with it.

The package was pretty and shiny...

 ...but why the big package? It almost had me feeling like I would find a bigger tube inside, so opening it was a bit disappointing.

Aha! There were some tips inside. Don´t really know about the 'moisture beforehand' part. I have to try.

Lime Crime - Snowsicle gloss
Then onto the real disappointment. I had maybe too high hopes for this.. If you are in need of a lip exfoliater, use this. I´m not sure, maybe others will like this, but this lip gloss is like sheer blue gloss mixed with cheap glitter - too big glitter particles! It does look pretty and it is easy apply, especially on lipsticks, but the glitter felt so annoying on the lips :D I think LC might have tried too hard here. Maybe it´s just me?

Lime Crime - Poisonberry
This honey instead was a big surprise! Same texture as other awesome LC lipsticks, it´s smooth, moist and opaque color.


Work hard, play hard

Some of you asked me to come back to blogging, which was very nice, so I´m finally here! All thanks to you lovely readers I´ll be uploading some old photos as well.

In the upper picture I´d just cut my hair short last fall.

I will be updating this blog's appearance soon, hopefully sooner than later. That favicon NEEDS to go. I might even delete a few hideous posts that I´ve done in the past. Just because they are horrible, now looking back at them ;) Also I have a few suprises coming up in the fall, and I can now give a hint that I will be needing a lot of models for it ;) Shhh!

So what have I been up to since last fall??

Last time I blogged I lived in East-Helsinki. Now I live in downtown Helsinki. Last time I was just working all the time, without any future plans. Now my school is starting in two months. Last time I was not motivated to even take pictures of my makeup. Now I´m more determined than ever to make it in this business. Last time I was in a relationship, now I´m more single than ever and super happy about it! Last time I had glasses, both eyes were -2.00. Now I don´t have glasses anymore. Last time I was 10kg heavier, now I´m that much lighter. Last time I used 50 kg in a leg press, nowdays I use 150 kg. Not bad, huh!

My hair is still red - and staying that way! My laptop is still the same slow junk and I´m uttelry and totally in love with the summer. And walking around barefeet

And here is my first lame attempt on caviar manicure :DD haha didn´t quite realize the mess and the trouble with those edges.. Better next time!

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