Nov 17, 2014

Color pop

Have I told you how obsessed I´m about Sugarpill's loose pigments? I mean I did hype about them like couple of years ago, but man I fell in love with them again. I've been dying to place an order with Sugarpill for an year now. Can't wait to get the electrocute pigments!

I mainly always use these pigments while doing bodypaint. They can make even the worst and cheapest paints look like the most beautiful paints ever. But I still use them as normal eyeshadows as well.

Model: Katja Kettunen
Photography: Heli Roosmäe
Foundation: Mufe Face and Body
Eyes: Sugarpill - Darling, Absinthe; Inglot Pearl 428, Urban Decay black
Lips: Chanel lipgloss 176 Crushed Berry

This awesome model is btw really totally blonde!



Nov 16, 2014

Cold Cold November

People have a really different way of thinking abouy the so called 'strenght' of a makeup (magnitude, amplitude? :D). Especially in different parts of the world. In Finland, for example if you ask for a nude makeup, you might get really, like R-E-A-L-L-Y light makeup base and maybe some mascara. If you ask for a nude look in France, you will most definately get a ton of makeup with the color scale nudes. My point of view for this, is to really inquire what the customer has in mind, before I start working. I've heard alot of complaints from customers, that some makeup artists just don't listen, but in fact I believe that the problem is that they just don't ask enough :)

In my opinion, this work covers as a medium makeup. Good base with a simple makeup. Nothin' too much.

Model: Eugenia Olavi
Photography: Heli Roosmäe
Foundation: Mufe Face and Body 32 &  Mufe Super Matte loose powder
Eyes: Inglot
Lips: Lime Crime Red Velvet

Have a lovely sunday!


Nov 14, 2014

Peking Opera

As a part of my study we researched some really know different Operas as well. One I really liked was this Peking Opera with it's simpleness yet efectiveness!

Base: Flash Color White - Make Up For Ever
Powder: White Loose Powder - Make Up For Ever
Eye/Browliner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Black
Eyeshadow: Dollipop - Sugarpill
Lips: Retrofuturist - Lime Crime

The fan is a souvenir from Tokyo and so are the chopstick in her head ;)

...I'm always taking stupid pictures about myself :D

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