Feb 23, 2011

Been sso busy!

I´ve been sso busy. Did I mention how much I love Burberry Prorsums jackets?

 ★ A LOT ★

Days go by sooo fast it´s unbelievable! And my schedule is totally booked till april o.O 
So hopefully summer will come soon because I hate temperatures from 0 to -35

Also this spring I´ll be applying to a school. I intend to be studying in fall, because I´m so fed up with working... I´m currently weighting my options. I studied "yläaste" in a media class. We did all kinds of things from real life documentary to drawn animation etc. Some of us even got to show their documents in Tennispalatsi at  Docpoint festival. We also built our own cameras from black cardboard and got to unravel photos, we even had a special darkroom at our school. That was fun! Altough being in the red light for a long time got me a headache every time :/. 

Anygays, in "lukio" I was actually on a drama class, doing plays such as Dante (hell levels) and fairytales :D I got to play the nuts bunny from the Alice in wonderland! Movin ahead - in lukio I started to really find intrest in graphic design, I did the school magazines and publications, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend. She usually did the photoshop part and I did the indesign :D I studied few media courses and I also completed a national media diploma with a highest score! My art teacher suggested me to try out in Taik (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu) but I think I´ll just apply to be a graphic designer :D

As a next option I´ll probably apply to Helpa (Helsingin palvelualojen koulu) to be a cosmetologist, just because I´m interested in it. I have no intentions of making a career out of that :D

And thirdly.. I´ll probably apply to something that has making of clothes.. We´ll see!

Now I wanted to add some pics~
Here are the nails from last week, already pretty damaged
(pic taken a week from making them)
Made with:
Inglot nailpolishes Black 953 and White038
Kiss Nail Art - Silver Glitter SPA10

I also got this - O.P.I - Yodel me on my cell NL Z20, whitch has a great turquoise color, but damn I need a camera ;______; I´m currently using 5 megapix phonecam.... So sorry about the quality! I have already listed the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX75 to my wishlist, but I´m still competing between that and Canon Powershot s95. Both of them have had the highest ranks on various evaluations~
I purchased some yewelry ♥

..For my hat also. Hat bought from Shibuya 109, SBY

Here are one of the Inglot lashes, I look sso weird in the upper pic o_O
And then some pictures of my loved birds~

Niki in the kitchen closet :D:D

Taavi accompanying me on my laptop~

And everybody on the kitchen floor :D

Niki on my head :D Picture taken with this laptop´s webcamera.
So next weekend I´m going home to Estonia! And I´ll be updating to Windows 7 (my current vista BLOWS). Anyways, I´t may mean that I won´t be blogging in a while, let´s see :)

xo xo ~

This because I love Charlie ♥

Feb 12, 2011

My make up stuff~

So this will NOT be a short entry :P I have a lot of prettyh pics :3 Also the Inglot shop opened already yesterday and I paid a visit because everything was on sale of course !

The staff was very welcoming and helpful, they even gave me a cute pink inglot bag :D

So I got a few nailpolishes; Black 953 and white 138 just because I needed them and silver 960 and gray with gray sparkle 891 ♥

I already tried the 891, althought this picture does NOT give the right impression. I just could not get the right light to the picture :/

Eyelashes 67S and 16S. They also had all kinds of lashes and there I stood, drooling. But kept myself on a leash. I´ll post a pic when I try these on :)

This is my collection so far~

And this is where I have to fit them ;____; Some of the stuff is held in my bathroom, ovb it doesn´t fit in here..

My eyeshadows; Chanel - 78 Blue notes
Inglot freedom palette
Maxfactor Trio eyeshadows - 01 & 08
Lumene Natural code trio eyeshadow-  9 Daring
Rimmel colour rush - 214 Jet Black (I use mainly to define my eyebrows)

Here I´d like to mention the GOSH eyeliner 11
and the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel liner - 01 Black

Lipgloss, lipgloss, lip balm, lip balm, lip balm and two lipsticks :D Yes, I´m not used to use color on my lips. I have the MAC Cyndi Lauper Viva Clam - A50
Lumene Wild Rose Natural - 1 Berry

My pencils from left to right
Lumene Eye Graphics - Coal Black
Lumene Eye liner - 27 Petrol Blue
Wet´n Wild Kajal - 13 Cool Green
Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner - 20
Wet´n Wild - 10 Silver
Clarins - Forever Diamonds (Black with silver sparkle :P)

Make up Store mascara
- 04 Turqoise
I so llöööv this color. They also had pink and electric blue on their collection ♥


 My Brushes! From left to right
Inglot - 80HP
Inglot - 16PP
Chanel ...something
Inglot - 12S (For lips)
And the rest are some cheap stuff from Sokos or some art store. But they are still good! Not everything has to be expensive or have the right brand name on it.

So that was my make up. Did I mention my handbag´s handle just broke OFF?

♥ But Ben & Jerry´s saved the day ♥

AND I got the lastest Nuts as well, I´m soo happyyy :3

THIS is what Japanese fashion magz look from the inside~

And then I found this inside xD WHAT a coincidence (If you haven´t read my previous posts, I made same kind of ripped jeans :D) And yes, you can still click all the pictures to see the bigger versions! Next I´m off to Kotka, Ya`ll have a nice saturday night ~

Ashley McIsaac - Wing Stock ♥

Feb 10, 2011

O.P.I Golden Rules!

Quick entry due new nailpolish~ O.P.I Golden Rules! NL B63. For some reason I´m into golden right now. And I love Opi nailpolishes :) If you haven´t tried, I suggest. They are easy to apply and long wearable. Also the fabric you see in this pic, is black fleece with golden sparkles :3 Let´s see if I can make a hoodie out of it~ Already planning golden zippers, ribbons and welt.

And this fabric came with me as well... Planning a skirt ~ 

And I did start on the beige jacket as well, because I realised that I have only a month to do it and of those four weekends I have only one free one xD

And quess who just got the newest Jelly from Japan ♥ Yes, I also follow the fashion in Japan. I laughed ssso hard when I saw at least two pairs of ripped jeans (like I did on last entry) on the magz. But the 2011 march mag indicates that Japan fashion wants to follow the "normal" fashion. So they have these stupid striped clothes like Prada had in Spring collection. And they are hidious >_< . Almost all the fur has been given up (last year fox tails and furry legwarmers were so IN) and high waisted shorts are popular o_O

And so happy that The Pretty Reckless is finally releasing the "Zombie" as a studio version, on the US album :)

Feb 3, 2011

New work! \o/

Actually I don´t have time to blog, but I´ll do it anyway, cuz´ I want! So, why so tired? I GOT A NEW JOB! So I´ll be working next four months for Itella, in a night shift (yay!) So yesterday I had first night shift and then right after went to my old workplace for a 7 hour gig, then came home, slept 5 hours and went to do the same thing all over :D And now I should sleep, because I have another night shift in 5 hours xD But the gigs for the last job are over and I won´t be cleaning rehab toilets anymore \o/ So that´s a big victory. And this new job means that I may get to go to Japan this year after all :D

Also I feel like a such idiot. I had a friend´s car in my parking lot and she said I could use the car if I wanted. And I forgot that I even had the keys xD It would have helped me sssso much while those first work nights and days, would have saved so much time :`D

Here is my worklook, basic, simple, fast, but pretty~ 
Co-worker asked if I was a hairdresser :`D Had just a messy hair..

Same with glasses~

And a closer look.. So I just defined my eyebrows with black eyeshadow and lined my eyes with Maybelline gel eyeliner (which I should buy a new one, it´s running out :<) and added some mascara.

This week nails
Made with:
Wet´n wild - Black Creme E71524

Kiss Nail Art - SPA12 Black
Gosh - Midnight Blue

I have to add that wet´n wild´s nail polishes are total cr**. Its too thick, hard to work with, and chips off easily. That´s what you get for bying cheap. I have to get a new black nailpolish! (again sorry about the quality of the pic -.-´)

Sick bird!

Last monday we took all of our six birds to the wet for examination. All were fine, except my newest bird, Niksu :(
I got him just before christmas and we had wondered, why is he smaller than the others. The vet found some kind of protozoan in his sample. I don´t know much about biology, but what I did understand, is that the protozoan is a persistent type and has caused probably an infection in Niksu´s stomach. We were also told that the protozoan spreads through bird dust and the others have been lucky to not have been infected. It can also spread to humans, but human body usually kills it spontaneously. Some animals can do it too. But okay, the situation is not that bad. Niksu is thin, but he had some kind of drug injection and then three days drug treatment. And he has to separated from others for a week. And in a month we´ll go back to the wet so see if he is cures. I f he is, he should also start gaining some weight.

But atm he is alone in bathroom (cuz´ I have only one room in my flat) and the first days were so terrible :( He was so lost for being alone and he was afraid oh the cage we gave him. He ate very little at first. On monday he shivered a lot because of the drug, but for the last day he has been lookin quite healthy :) He´ll be joining the others on monday, so that means I´ll be spending my weekend with him, in a bathroom...  To keep him company :3

Weekend coming ♥
xo xo

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