Mar 22, 2011

Obsessed with vanity

Random pictures ahead~
But should I get these shoes? :3

Because I really like them !

...Nevermind, they are already on the way~ :`D
I´m honestly such a materialist.

This picture is from some random japanese magazine, and I brought it up, because I love this stule, Taylor Momsens "normal" style. She has a taste for good boots in real life too, but I don´t like her slutty emo goth look. I mean, she wears visible huge blouse and stockings and NOTHING else? I don´t get how these famous teenagers need to dress like a slut. Sorry Taylor, I hope you go back being just punk. And you actually _wear_ them clothes. Otherwise, luv her and love her music. She is the lead singer on The Pretty Reckless if you didn´t know. Oh, and she is 17 years old, so that makes her style even worse. Put on some clothes girl!

Then I was looking for a dress, something coctail like and I found this _pretty_ dress from Me Naiset magazine, but of course it´s some Guess dress and costs 267 euros o_O I mean.. Who buys that stuff?? Who can really afford?

...the best spring rolls you can get from shop! And it´s from Lidl, so is the sauce. And they are delicious!

Ahh, I´m also such a whore for Iittala Kivi series ♥ I got two of my first ones from Iittala dancing competitions~ If only they would not be so expencive... Just imagine a dark autumn night and these bright colours shining all over the apartment. I love candles!

This is actually on my workrooms wall. And it´s beautiful. I have just been taking pictures of the things I find pretty...

Random yewelry

And my lovely birds as usual. They used to love salad, but this time I had to eat it myself :D

This weekend I also saw the movie "Burlesque".. Of course I´m a sucker for these kind of movies :D It´s little like Coyote Ugly remake, with more singing (and fabulous Aguilera singing of course) and more pretty half naked women :D Btw the vanity word in my blogs name actually came to my mind from Christina´s song Vanity :P BUT the best part of the movie has to be... Cam Gigandet! :3 I mean... just look at the trailer


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