Apr 5, 2011


Omnomnomnom, best salad ❤
Finally itś spring! And the snow is melting fast, because it´s been raining for a week i think.

Last week we had little girls night out~

And we made tortillas, painted nails and talked girly stuff. We also laughed ourselves to death because of this.

My nails

For Jenni~

For Samira~

Oh and there was also The Devin Townsend gig in Kaapelitehdas last week ♫♪ Btw Devin is releasing two new albums this year! "Ghost" will be more chillout (it think) and "Deconstruction" will be more heavyer stuff~

Erm, my outfit for the gig. Note to myself - Don´t EVER wear those shoes for an event where you have to stand or walk for 5-6 hours! Took me three days to get the numbness off my toes :`D but luv spiderweb tights!

Oh yes, I have been getting some packages :3

Red leopard pattern pencil skirt~ Just ignore the crappy mirror.

Alchemy yewelry! Dragons with swarowski stone.

...and this is a little embarrassing, but I´ve always wanted this xD

But it´s sso pretty ;______; And with of course Swarowski stone. No other.

And for the things I did NOT get:
I lost a bid in Ebay for these.. On the last second ;___; These are Iron Fist - Siren Platform pumps, and they are not manufactured anymore!

Also the hottest leather jacket! This is a Trash and Vaudeville Motorcycle jacket. I would have bought it, but I have two trips abroad coming up in summer and autumn :3

Oh, I almost forgot! I bought the canon powershot s95 :D And woo ... such a difference.

 Next time I´ll do a nailblog, I´ve been getting a LOT of nail stuff~

The Devin Townsend project - Feather (From upcoming album Ghost)

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