Sep 2, 2013

Rainbow ombre

 Happy September everyone!

I know, I know, I know I´m behind with my posts, but my school has started sssoo insanely fastly and training and learning takes basically up all my time... I have so many cool things on the way :3! 

The main idea here was to make rainbow nails as a statement to support equal rights. As you all probably know, being gay is forbidden in Russia and there has been a huge hassle because a swedish athlete attending the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, wore colorful nails as a statement, to support the gay rights. I believe everybody should be let to be whoever they chose to be. Trying to stop them only makes people fight back. But let's not get into that! Main thing is the nails, and these I did to my friend who went to London for the weekend.

Of course one of the nails had to be covered in rhinestones, to add the 'chic' element ;)

But WOHOOO. I should more ofter try to do new experimental things. My friend asked me to make somekind of ombre nails, but I don´t happen to own any yellow nail polishes so I tought to myself - why not try with an acrylic paint?  SO I DID AND HOLY HELL IT WORKS!!! :D

I applied the paint directly to the makeup sponge and patted it on the nails.

I was also suprised that the color payoff was efficient enough, since I used a clear base coat beneath and no white polish.

The end result!

...and now off to sleep.


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