Feb 7, 2012

Everything you say is so irrelevant

Opi - Japanese Rose Garden with Konad white
Valentines day is coming! So I did "pink zebra" nails. The picture above is taken... 7 days after doing the manicure, so it looks a bit destroyed already :D

Me on last friday. Went to see MyGRAIN. The gig was brilliant, even tho my condition was not at that time :D

I found some killer rings from Gina Tricot! 14,90 € all of them :3

Love, hope, peace, faith.
I´ve adopted 2 more cockatiels, so now I have 6 of them. They are a lot of work, but  still love them.
Niki is too lazy to actually step on the edge of the food bowl :D

The Blue moment
In the past weeks in Finland we have had temperatures from -5°C to -40 °C. NOT funny. Sometimes I just don´t even want to think about going outside >_< Also we have had a few snow storms, due to that, for example, we had over 260 car crashes last friday :D

I managed to capture a few pictures of this "blue moment". You know when the sun is setting and all of the white snow turns to blue :) So beautiful. This picture is taken on the 8th floor, and as you can see, even the window is covered with ice :D

Summer come soon!



  1. Wow, your nails look better after 7 days than mine do after 1!

    1. Thanks :DD It was also a suprise to me how well these maintained "clean" :)


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