Feb 2, 2012

I hear the sound of raindrops on the window glass again

Brainwashed Barbie.
Hello hello! This entry is an combination for two series! It features Lit Cosmetics "Cayman" glitter and also it is my second Alter Ego; Brainwashed Barbie!

Solid glitter, size 2

Teal/blue/green (whatever you see in it) glitter <3
I´m already so used in Lit Glitters, that using them is always piece of cake. I love these glitters and if you havent tried them yet - I highly suggest, if you like sparkly things ;) Barbie went a little mad an dyed her hair blue. Green. Teal. Whatever. My apologies if the colors on the pictures vary a little... It seems that my camera cannot capture real teal color.. So I tried to make it as close as I could to the real wig color!

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed Eyeshadow helper Primer
Sugarpill - Midori Under the Black/Blending in brow highlight
Sugarpill - Tako Inner corner, Brow highlight
Sugarpill - Bulletproof Cut Crease
Lit Cosmetics - Cayman Glitter
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid eyeliner in upper lashline
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - Black Lower lashline
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill Mascara
Lashes - Ebay Lashes
I´ve never actually done cut crease before. But now that I have a whole lot of Sigma brushes, I can actually manage to do it :DD

★  Lips
Inglot Soft Precision Lipliner 27
Lime Crime - Retrofuturist
Lime Crime - Candy Apple

Neat lashes do their trick!
I had a matchy match necklace ~
 Making of... Don´t you just love those bangs ♥______♥ (Haha I didn´t notice the matching of the nails before)

Hope you liked! Good night ~



  1. Woooow that looks amazinG! *___* I love the glitter X3 I actually love the color teal... turquoise... whatever shade of blue, I actually love all of them XD
    Great look! :D

  2. The wig just totally sells this look for me, love it. Want it. Etc, etc.

  3. I love the wig....where did you get it? I want one!


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