May 2, 2012

May Day!

I waited for this May Day for like two months! I waited for the good weather and to finally get to see my friends (I´ve been out of the country and so on..), and just having fun and what happened?! I´ve been having the most hideous flu _ever_ for the past two weeks!!! I did dress up and go outside for a few hours, but I felt so bad all the time, that I just had to come back home ;___; 

 I even made nails for May Day! (Oh jeah, I got my Oumaxi's a few weeks ago, I´ll post about them later)

Lime Crime Eyelid primer / Base for brows
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk / On the brow base
Sugarpill - Afterparty / Brows
Sugarpill - Tako / Brow highlight and inner corner
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to Kill / Mascara
Sugarpill - Angel Baby false lashes / False Lashes
I didn´t really want to put on too much of makeup because of the flu, so I just did flashy brows and added false lashes... Fast and simple :D

I find it really hard to use this new blogger :DD Why oh, why do they always have to change things to "better", when they are already good?? 

ps. I´m super bored with my life. I´ve been wondering for quite some time what to do with my life. So maybe that´s the big reason I haven´t been blogging for a while.  But I´ll let you know if a decide something !



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