May 9, 2012

My latest

Half moon nails

Haven´t felt like writing lately.. So this time just photos of my latest nails.

Easter nails, Opi - Cargantuan Green with first attempt to do one stroke flowers.... fail :D

Inglot purple ft. Opi's purple with Oumaxi leopard sports and rhinestones

Inspiration picture for following nails! Altho I did these _before_ I went to Japan. Oh did I even mention? xD Got back like two weeks ago. Picture taken from Asakusa.

So second attempt on one stroke flowers. Took me some time, but I think they're pretty good for second try :DD
Picture taken 10 days after doing the manicure, as you can see the nails have grown. But I´m super amazed how these maintained good looking o_O I DID go to onsen (japanese spa) like every other day :D
Picture from Ayase

Picture from Unga. How pretty heh? ;)

Oh jeah, I bought a new phone.



  1. The nails are gorgeous! I really like the pink flowers, stunning. I couldn't do it.


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