Jun 28, 2012

Heart Braker

Whoops! What is blogging? I think I have forgotten about it! Erm... So what's up? First the excuses (skip to the pictures if you´re not interested in my babbling :D); six weeks ago I got myself a bicycle. I´ve already paddled 500 km with it. Five weeks ago I started working out in a gym, and have been working there 5-6 hours a week. So yes... kinda of chancing my lifestyle here. I still have been doing makeup and I have a TON of pictures in my phone and in my camera.. But I´ve just been too busy with everything else.

Oh and also I started taking classes for getting a drivers lincence for a motorcycle! *happy* Oh jeah, and on top of all that, my computer´s battery died. I did orded a new one, but the company sent me a wrong one and then when I tried to return it (ordered from Germany) the Post informed me that they cannot deliver it, because it´s a lithium battery, thus dangerous. What the hell?? So now I´m stuck with a wrong battery and no money for the right one ;_____;. So my computer is slow as hell and I barely even use it anymore, since I got an Ipad2 from work. Anyway, life is good. Enough with the excuses? xD

AND then onto the important part! ^^ I got Sugarpill´s Heart Breaker palette ages ago, and yes, also I´m totally in lööööv. I don´t bother on doing a review, because you can find a ton of them on the internet. Insanely bright colors and I love the palette, that´s it.

The Bright blue is Velocity, sea blue is Mochi and the lime green is Acidberry. Simple, huh? I have no idea where I went with this look..

Don´t you just love the brightness of the Velocity !!

Lovely instagram photo ~

I can´t wait for the two now palettes Gold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby to come on sale!!!! I´ll be back with more Sugarpill :)



  1. Upee meikki, tykkään!! Osaisinpa mäkin käyttää väriä meikeissä....

  2. really really pretty! love the darker blue esp

  3. Sooo beautiful and bright!

  4. Yeah, dark blue velocity liner, gotta try that!!! Gorgeous look :D


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