Jun 29, 2012

All hail nails

Pictures only this time :)

 China Glaze Blue Iguana, Opi's Last Friday Night and some acrylic painting.

 Simple minty nails.

 Inglot's 956 with sparkle from Opi's Serving up Sparkle, with again acrylic painting.

 I actually won this Konad!! :D hehe, this is a Charming Nails original, go check it out! These I did like 6 moths ago, I´m not sure xD

The plate looks like this :)

 ..I have no idea if I posted these already? >:/

And latest but not the least, blue metallic nails with acrylic flowers. Hope you liked any of these :3


1 comment:

  1. Your nail arts are really funny! I'll definitely try the one with the matte black and silver polish. Otherwise, it's my first comment but I wanted to say that your blog is awesome, I follow it for one year now, thank you for your great colored makeup looks!


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