Dec 30, 2012

Sparkleicious new year 2013!

Woah, wait WHAT? An ACTUAL POST?? Jeah, guys, I´m not dead yet. But let´s still start with something simple...

Opi - Sparkleicious
 Here is something I found actually a couple of months ago, but somehow it ended up never being used. For christmas I had China Glaze's Outta Bounds (the xmas green) and for some fast brainclimpse I tought I´d pair it with this glitter polish. And the result was awesome :3

From further away this looked really shinyyy~

Fyi, doing this post made me realize why I hate taking pictures in Finland :D Always too damn dark and nothing looks similar to the reality. Bleh. But I do have a LC review coming up in a few days^^

Meanwhile here is my awesome face. Or actually my camera and a dirty mirror.
okbye! Oh and have a happy new year 2013!

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