Jun 2, 2013

Work hard, play hard

Some of you asked me to come back to blogging, which was very nice, so I´m finally here! All thanks to you lovely readers I´ll be uploading some old photos as well.

In the upper picture I´d just cut my hair short last fall.

I will be updating this blog's appearance soon, hopefully sooner than later. That favicon NEEDS to go. I might even delete a few hideous posts that I´ve done in the past. Just because they are horrible, now looking back at them ;) Also I have a few suprises coming up in the fall, and I can now give a hint that I will be needing a lot of models for it ;) Shhh!

So what have I been up to since last fall??

Last time I blogged I lived in East-Helsinki. Now I live in downtown Helsinki. Last time I was just working all the time, without any future plans. Now my school is starting in two months. Last time I was not motivated to even take pictures of my makeup. Now I´m more determined than ever to make it in this business. Last time I was in a relationship, now I´m more single than ever and super happy about it! Last time I had glasses, both eyes were -2.00. Now I don´t have glasses anymore. Last time I was 10kg heavier, now I´m that much lighter. Last time I used 50 kg in a leg press, nowdays I use 150 kg. Not bad, huh!

My hair is still red - and staying that way! My laptop is still the same slow junk and I´m uttelry and totally in love with the summer. And walking around barefeet

And here is my first lame attempt on caviar manicure :DD haha didn´t quite realize the mess and the trouble with those edges.. Better next time!


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