Jun 4, 2013

MUA Mari-Liis is now on Facebook!

As I mentioned before - I have some exciting news to share with you! Some of you might know, that makeup has always been just a hobby for me, and for living I have been doing something totally different. But that is only because I haven´t got a chance to work in this industry. But now, I sincerely hope this will change, since I have been accepted to a make-up school starting this fall! I won´t announce the name of the school just yet, I wanna be sure I have a permission to do that :) And when I´ll get that, I can post about all of the fun things we get to do in our school ;)

As a student I will be needing a lot of all kinds of people as my test subjects! I will be making a portfolio of all of my work, which will be sent to Paris to be approved!! I´m so excited!! So my models will be apart of that portfolio :) So I´ll be needing people in Helsinki area and to help me find these people, I have made a Facebook page for me as an makeup artist! I hope that you could all share your support, so if you are on Facebook, pleace go and like my page! Spread the word, so I can actually find _anybody_ to be my model :)

Thank you all!!


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