Jan 30, 2011


Other day I was in Eurokangas (Fabric store), looking fabrics for my first order (beige summerjacket)! Anygays, I ran into this beautiful black fabric, from which I could make almost anything. And then I looked at the price tag, which said "Burberry, 49€/m".Ugh, I almost wanted to cry! It was soo beautiful ;____;. Maybe I´ll make a mini skirt out of it then :D Or a bag? (Btw I really love this spring collection of Burberry Prorsum, all of the jackets are so adorable ;__;) this weeks nails inspired by Burberry
(sorry about the quality, t´was hard to take picture with left hand :D)
Made with:
Wet´n wild - Black Creme E71524
Kiss Nail Art - White SPA02
Maybelline New York Colorama - Red (bottle doesn´t indicade number)
Mavala top coat fixator

The idea was good but the execution... was not so easy. And the red lines should have been done with more lighter color (but I didn´t have any other red!). And maybe all the nails should have had the same pattern. But they do look good from the right distance :D

I also got my new glasses today! Cost only 193 € and order came in in only a week! I look very different with these, but at least I don´t look like Harry Potter´s sister anymore >: (

Frames from Artdeco, bought from Instrumentarium. Pretteh~

Next I´m gonna take my friend out to eat, to celebrate her birthday. Also made her knitted her socks :). And we´ll get her a lower lip piercing :D

np. Die so Fluid - Spawn of Dysfunction

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