Jan 17, 2011

Here goes nothing ❣

Blogging seems to be IN right now, and I need to do something with my time, as I am currently unemployed. So let´s try this, might be fun❣

I´m all about handcraft, I love to create. I´ve done a lot of knitting drawing, sewing etc. Although I haven´t drawn for a while and am really not good at it! But what I am good at (I like to think...) is sewing. And my latest obsession is Fashion. Like no other~ Been watching Project Runway like a maniac. And since I can´t afford all those beatiful clothes I see on runway, I decided to make them myself. Perhaps with a little edge. So that´s what you´ll be seeing in this blog.

Last thing I made was a gown for my graduation from upper secondary high (which was two years ago).  I made the top using friends corset as a model. I used 8 spiral bones and a beautiful turquoise strech satin :) The skirt has a huge tulle skirt underneath to give it a little puff. :D

Currently I´m designing a beautiful under bust vest. I have already bought all the stuff I need to make it. I think. So I have nice pinstripe fabric to be the outer layer and "Aruba" -cupro lining fabric. I´ll be adding some rigilene to front and to the side seams. To the back I´ll but a little cute buckle. And on the front there will be a zipper~

  Btw, here are some christmas presents made by me

Latest shoppings and gifts~
This beeeutifull ring I found From Gina Tricot. The Price tag said 13 euros, but when I looked at the receipt, it was only 2,95 o_O Lucky me❣

Ahh, always the so loveable Gosh ♥Color is Midnight Blue and  it´s very rich and long wear.
Pure love.

O.P.I Flashbulb Fuchsia and O.P.I Blue My Mind. The Blue one is really pretty on nails, but the pink one is... Fuchsia. Reeeally fuchsia. I think I´ll have to go all black to wear that one :D But both very delicious colours.They were a part of a christmas present.

I also got this stunning necklace as a present. It´s so pretty ~ The friend who gave it to me said, that the black rose had immediately reminded of me :D

 Funny skirt I found From H&M for 4,90. I was killing time, while waiting for my time for optician. I fancy the colors...

Oh joy, over-knee boots! Had been longing for these for quite a while, but the price was 79 euros :( So I waited and bought them for sale for 49 euros! ◕‿◕

In the end I would like to remind you how this Project works :D
np. Amorphis - Silent Waters

So long! xo xo

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