Jan 30, 2011

Inglot shop opening in Itäkeskus!

Yaaay, we´ll have our own Inglot shop in Itäkeskus 14.2! Two weeks! Altough I have only eyshadow palettes and brushes from Inglot, I´m dying to get their greyscale nail polishes~

Last thursday I happened to visit Stockmanns MAC section and got this:

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper lipstic
 It has a warm color and a hint of pink. Feels clossy on and looks beatiful. Love.

And afterwards we went OntheRocks to see MyGrain´s album release gig~
I hadn´t actually heard not one song from them, but sooo liked the music ♥ And they had a girl playing the keyboard! And my neck told me the next day that it had been a smashing gig :D Only downside that night was that just before 2 am we realized it´s thursday, and our next bus would come after 5 am :D So had to take cab home.. Also we were supposed to go see Capital Beat on saturday, but got gaught up in another friends birthday in Molly and then Corner :D

On friday I went with a friend to Lahti to buy a new bird cage~
Cost 199 € but was worth it. Assemblying was not easy cuz´ we were missing some screws ;_____; And some of the parts had bended in the package.. Also carrying the gage to the sixth floor was a nuisance. Why carry when we have a huge elevator you ask? Because some idiot burned the whole elevator down way over a month ago D: Anyway the cage is first of all PRETTY. It looks way cleaner that the one before, due to being white. And it has these... um side thingies that prevent the seeds from flying all over the place. If you did not understand, look at the picture :D I recommend this cage to all bigger bird owners :)

Spot a bird (s)
I usually keep a sheet over this shelf, but I forgot it for a second and this is what you get with curious birds :D

Taavi and Niki
Atm I have six birds. But in March I will have only two left, which is good cuz´ my apartment is too small for all of these and the birds are easier to tame when there is not flock of them :)

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