Sep 1, 2011

Black holes and revelations

I look funny while I laugh
Got some new crap !
Well, well, well. I´ve been easing my anxiety with a lot of shoppings (once again)! This fall get´s me way down and stuff....

An Alchemy dragon stud ! I have to get a piercing little higher to actually wear this... :3 It´s kinda heavy.

Also two Spike Cuff earrings from Alchemy Whoa I love these guys soo much already!

All of the Alchemy products have years and marks carved into them ~ (I think? At least the brand mark)

A Dragons Heart - also from Alchemy. It´s a bit smaller from what I imagined but this will do :D I love the simplicity and the symmetry this necklace has.

Alchemy brochure ~ A bit old tho, I hear they are coming out with a new one soon??
I took some pictures of tha pages to show you their awesome stuff~ I´m dying to get waaay more of these

Earrings- Click for a bigger view. I especially made bigger pictures :)

I got some more konads! Plates m80, m44 and m79. How long have I wanted to try these french manicure styles?!

I also got two colors - ...which don´t have names?? Pink and purple~ They are a LOT smaller of what I imagined.

This little pretty owl I found accidentally from Glitter! Just had to take it home :3

... and then I actually found out that has gotten more Sugarpill products so I had, just had to order some! I now finally have all I Sugarpill products that I´ve been wanting - exept asulym! :( They don´t have it... Maybe some angel can get it for me from ebay? I have b-day coming  :D Anyways, review cominnng :)

And I also spent some money for Lime Crime :) Got 5 more lipsticks and one eyeshadow just to avoid the order fee :D So will be showing the Lip Noir as soon as I get it!

We had a little girls night out last weekend :) We usually are NOT this serious, so I find this picture hilarious :D

I did our nails and make up and she cooked us food and repaired some of my broken yewelry.

And she also brought me these from Sarajevo!

Here are out makeups! I once again went for more over done look and she wanted something a bit toned down :) Sorry ´bout the poor quality, I just couldn´t get the lighting right.
Lime Crime - Candy eyed eyeshadow helper ★ primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk ★ Inner corner
Sugarpill - Poison Plum ★ Outer corner
BFTE - Tickle Me ★ Inner corner (On Milk)
Lime Crime - Empress ★ Middle of the lid
Inglot - AMC Shine 11 ★ Crease
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Brow highlight
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid eyeliner
Inglot eyepencil - Black ★ Waterlines

Lime Crime - Candy eyed eyeshadow helper ★ primer
Inglot - D.S. 461 Inner corner
Inglot - Pearl 409 Outer corner
Inglot - Pearl 405 Middle of the lid
Inlgot- AMC shine 11 CreaseIllamasqua - Ore Whole lid
Sugarpill - Tako Brow highlight
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss ★ Liquid eyeliner
Inglot eyepencil - Black ★ Waterlines
 I hadn´t done someone else´s makeup since... may I think. ´twas fun!

She´s a beauty even without makeup. I llove that hair

Random "whatever" wave

You  might remember, that last time I was testing a new hair color mix and hoping the result would not be totally pink. Well... This was the "before" picture.

..and this is after!

So it did not turn pink, but did intensify the color a LOT. Yay ~

.......................................just because of the khuul design that captured my eye.

Good night!

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