Sep 6, 2011

Wish list ~ ♥

AH I llove this jacket. But 142 dollars ;_________;
So, I´m leaving to Japan in a few weeks, so I cannot be using any money before that... I tought I could post the things that I have already found, so when I come back I can start buying these :D

I WANT a vest like that. I actually found a few pretty ones, but _none_ of my size o_O.

Actually this one I almost got, but I was too afraid that the S size would be too small.

This cuteness Jacked I found too from Ebay. Only 28,29 dollars + 10 dollars shipping!

 Ebay, ebay, ebay... 15,99 + 11 dollars.

And then waaay too much alchemy  yewels.....!
Alchemy - Parler 12,99

Alchemy - A dark engagement ring 39,90 (o_O)

Alchemy - Dark Desire 36 e

Alchemy - Dragons Celtica 16,99 e

Alchemy - Empress Eugenie 48 e
Leg avenue - Corset tights 10,90 e
Been drooling these for awhile...

Leg avenue - crochete tights 12,90 e

Leg avenue - Militia boots 89,90 e

Q.O.D. Skin flash strap top 42,90 e
another Q.O.D top, which was sold out already I think...

Armani - Eyes to kill mascara 30 $
... still on my wishlist. I haven´t found a good retailer from Finland...

Sugarpill - Asylum 12 $ + 6,25 $
They don´t sell this on :( - Leoni shoes 53,50 e
God I HOPE this doesn´t sell out before I get to buy it! I HAVE to these And these are actually the only thing here I´m considering buying before the trip. Just because they may sell out!

Hellbunny dress 81 gbp
Jow pretty is this?! ..maybe someday when I´m rich.

The last thing on my list (I´m too tired to put here the things that are already IN my wishlist in the side bar :D) will be Lit cosmetics glitters!!!
Glitters! Picture taken from here
 So this company is all about eyeshadows/glitters. I´m planning on first buying the multi stack kit, with 5 colors (89,95 canadan dollars). It contains (5 colors of you choice obv.) 30 ml liquid clear base, liner brush, round brush, sparkle duster and a silk bag. And I´ve already made a list of colors I´m wanting;
Elton John S2 Metallic, Gunsmoke S2 Solid, Gunsmoke S2 Metallic, Heavy Metal S2, Delta Dawn S2 Metallic, Roxy Rolla S2 Metallic, Nirvana S1 Solid, Rocket it S2 Solid, Mary Jane S2 Metallic, London Calling S2 Electric, Reboot S2 Electric, Valley Girl S2 Solid, Punk S2 Solid, Back in Black S2 Metallic! That´s already 14 lit´s !

Get them here! Saw anything you would like too?

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