Sep 8, 2011

Sugarpill mania!

Sugarpill - Royal sugar ft. Goldilux
 So finally I´ve gotten my hands on some more Sugarpill products ! (I´m still lacking asylum ! :( )

Most of the photos here have a funny light - that´s only because I have poor lighting in my home, so I had to take all the pictures in my bathroom >:D Remember that you can click all the pictures for a bigger photo. :)

In the upper picture I was playing around and trying to show, how well you can use Sugarpills loose shadows for precise work! 

So these are the loose shadows eyeshadows I got this time - Lumi, Royal Sugar and Goldilux

There seems to be always a different amount of the eyeshadow inside o_O

Sugarpill - Love +
 I also got one pressed eyeshadow. Mainly to fill the emptyness of asylum (:D), but I´ve actually started to like this gorg color :)

 ...from this swatch you can already see why I´m drooling !

Sugarpill - Lumi
I love this duochrome shadow! It´s white but has blue-ish shimmer inside. It can transform all the colors, when applied on. It can shine in many different colors, just like snow. Did you know that "lumi" means "snow" in finnish? :D

Sugarpill - Starling

Sugarpill - Starling ft. Lumi 
 ...See? The whole picture seems lighter, but still you cannot deny the effect Lumi does  

Sugarpill - Goldilux
This gold beats every single Inglot gold ever. I mean.. when used wet, it works like melted, liquid gold and when used dry, it sparkles more than the stars in the sky ~

Love + ft. Goldilux
Love + in the crease and Goldilux on the lid ~ Illamasqua precision Ink as the liquid liner. A little of Tako as a brow highlight! Sorry I don´t have a face picture of this...

Sugarpill - Royal Sugar
This is the color I´ve been wishing for the longest time... Such a vivid deep blue with glitter. I cannot tell you anything more, just look at the pictures. _Awesome_ or what?!

Sugarpill - Royal Sugar
*Droooooooool* As I mentioned, I just played around - easy to use with water!

 I was lazy and only did one eye. Looks a bit different, aye? This is something that Lady Gaga would pull off, more than me :D

Oh, and I had matching nails!
Sugarpill nail art!
I just mixed Royal Sugar and Starling with a top coat and painted my  nails :) They actually look even cooler with a matte top coat on!

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper Primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk Upper and lower lid, crease
Inglot - Matte 323 Inner corner
Inlgot - Matte 383 Middle of the lid
Sugarpill - Love + Outer corner and crease
Sugarpill - Tako Brow highlight
Sugarpill - Bulletproof Eyebrows
Illamasqua Precision Ink - Abyss Liquid liner
Lumene mascara Lashes...
 This is the "sunset" -look I promised :) I could have played with Buttercupcake and Flamepoint... if I had them !

Lipstick Lime Crime - Coquette

 Annd then, because of tiredness, I decided to make my lips to be same color as the eyes !

´twas a little overboard
You can check out my last Sugarpill post here. Please do comment, if any toughts came up, about Sugarpill, makeup, of anything ;) Thanks for watching!


  1. Those eyeshadows are INSANE! I think I'm in love <3 I don't think Sugarpill's available in the Uk...I've never seen it :(

  2. You can order them on their website :)

  3. I love the shape you created with Royal Sugar, I am defiantly gonna try that!

    Great review! I ♥ Sugarpill!


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