Jan 26, 2012

When tomorrow comes what's left of me?

 Say hello to my first Alter Ego look!

I found a new idea for a blog series! Altho the "lit series" is not finished yet, I tought I´d do Alter Ego series :P

There are actually three reasons why I purchased some wigs. First: Every girl loves makeovers! Second: My red hair doesn´t always match with the makeup colors (and I want to try different ones!). And thirdly, this "alter ego" boom has gottem me actually pretty exited :3

 My theme here... I was just thinking of "black sunset". So I paired yellow, orange and black together~

 Haha, I haven´t worn false lashes in such a long time, that these were glued so poorly :DD

Lime Crime - Candy Eyed eyeshadow helper ★ Primer
Inglot - Matte 323 ★ All over (yellow)
Inglot - Matte 383 ★ Outer corner, crease (orange)
Sugarpill - Bulletproof ★ Outer corner, crease, brow (black)
Sugarpill - Tako ★ Inner corner (white)
Illamasqua Presicion Ink - Abyss ★ Eyeliner
Inglot - 13 S ★ Lashes
Lips are Lime Crime's Coquette

 ...too much flash.

oh yea - here are the new matte colors from Inglot I talked about. I also ordered a new bigger empty palette.

 I´ll try and do something rad with these later on.

I do think this is my best look yet. I used a loooot of time in doing this make-up, mostly the blending.

So let me know what did you think? I have a few more wigs to go, aka a few more alter egos to come. Anyone have any ideas or wishes? :D



  1. I agree with you! I think this is one of the best looks you've done and the extra time you put into blending really shows. This look is amazing! Absolutly love that first photo of you!

    And the wig is so cute! You look so good with brown hair! ♥

  2. The lady is a killer. Very well done.

  3. Wow, I really love this look on you! The yellow is so cool :)

  4. Woaaah this looks really, really great! I LOVE the black wig, it's absolutely pretty and vlack hair would suit you very well! But I understand how you feel about makeovers :) With wigs, you can change your look from day to day without dying/ruining your hair XD

    I really love the "black sunset" theme and your idea about alter egos! So I'm really curious :3

  5. i love series like this :D totally cool look and the dark hair suits it! :D

  6. I love this, especially with the black wig! <3
    Can't wait for the blue look with the Inglot eyeshadows. I wish I could buy them here in Germany, they are only available in one city and thats far from where I live... Sadly the online stores just ship within their countries, at least the UK one.

    1. That´s such a shame! Hopefully you´ll get an Inglot shop soon!

  7. I love wigs! I have two but I can't wait to purchase more. The makeup really matches this wig as well, very dark and sultry!

  8. Black hair looks good on you! Love the look :)


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