Feb 3, 2011

New work! \o/

Actually I don´t have time to blog, but I´ll do it anyway, cuz´ I want! So, why so tired? I GOT A NEW JOB! So I´ll be working next four months for Itella, in a night shift (yay!) So yesterday I had first night shift and then right after went to my old workplace for a 7 hour gig, then came home, slept 5 hours and went to do the same thing all over :D And now I should sleep, because I have another night shift in 5 hours xD But the gigs for the last job are over and I won´t be cleaning rehab toilets anymore \o/ So that´s a big victory. And this new job means that I may get to go to Japan this year after all :D

Also I feel like a such idiot. I had a friend´s car in my parking lot and she said I could use the car if I wanted. And I forgot that I even had the keys xD It would have helped me sssso much while those first work nights and days, would have saved so much time :`D

Here is my worklook, basic, simple, fast, but pretty~ 
Co-worker asked if I was a hairdresser :`D Had just a messy hair..

Same with glasses~

And a closer look.. So I just defined my eyebrows with black eyeshadow and lined my eyes with Maybelline gel eyeliner (which I should buy a new one, it´s running out :<) and added some mascara.

This week nails
Made with:
Wet´n wild - Black Creme E71524

Kiss Nail Art - SPA12 Black
Gosh - Midnight Blue

I have to add that wet´n wild´s nail polishes are total cr**. Its too thick, hard to work with, and chips off easily. That´s what you get for bying cheap. I have to get a new black nailpolish! (again sorry about the quality of the pic -.-´)

Sick bird!

Last monday we took all of our six birds to the wet for examination. All were fine, except my newest bird, Niksu :(
I got him just before christmas and we had wondered, why is he smaller than the others. The vet found some kind of protozoan in his sample. I don´t know much about biology, but what I did understand, is that the protozoan is a persistent type and has caused probably an infection in Niksu´s stomach. We were also told that the protozoan spreads through bird dust and the others have been lucky to not have been infected. It can also spread to humans, but human body usually kills it spontaneously. Some animals can do it too. But okay, the situation is not that bad. Niksu is thin, but he had some kind of drug injection and then three days drug treatment. And he has to separated from others for a week. And in a month we´ll go back to the wet so see if he is cures. I f he is, he should also start gaining some weight.

But atm he is alone in bathroom (cuz´ I have only one room in my flat) and the first days were so terrible :( He was so lost for being alone and he was afraid oh the cage we gave him. He ate very little at first. On monday he shivered a lot because of the drug, but for the last day he has been lookin quite healthy :) He´ll be joining the others on monday, so that means I´ll be spending my weekend with him, in a bathroom...  To keep him company :3

Weekend coming ♥
xo xo

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