Feb 10, 2011

O.P.I Golden Rules!

Quick entry due new nailpolish~ O.P.I Golden Rules! NL B63. For some reason I´m into golden right now. And I love Opi nailpolishes :) If you haven´t tried, I suggest. They are easy to apply and long wearable. Also the fabric you see in this pic, is black fleece with golden sparkles :3 Let´s see if I can make a hoodie out of it~ Already planning golden zippers, ribbons and welt.

And this fabric came with me as well... Planning a skirt ~ 

And I did start on the beige jacket as well, because I realised that I have only a month to do it and of those four weekends I have only one free one xD

And quess who just got the newest Jelly from Japan ♥ Yes, I also follow the fashion in Japan. I laughed ssso hard when I saw at least two pairs of ripped jeans (like I did on last entry) on the magz. But the 2011 march mag indicates that Japan fashion wants to follow the "normal" fashion. So they have these stupid striped clothes like Prada had in Spring collection. And they are hidious >_< . Almost all the fur has been given up (last year fox tails and furry legwarmers were so IN) and high waisted shorts are popular o_O

And so happy that The Pretty Reckless is finally releasing the "Zombie" as a studio version, on the US album :)

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