Feb 23, 2011

Been sso busy!

I´ve been sso busy. Did I mention how much I love Burberry Prorsums jackets?

 ★ A LOT ★

Days go by sooo fast it´s unbelievable! And my schedule is totally booked till april o.O 
So hopefully summer will come soon because I hate temperatures from 0 to -35

Also this spring I´ll be applying to a school. I intend to be studying in fall, because I´m so fed up with working... I´m currently weighting my options. I studied "yläaste" in a media class. We did all kinds of things from real life documentary to drawn animation etc. Some of us even got to show their documents in Tennispalatsi at  Docpoint festival. We also built our own cameras from black cardboard and got to unravel photos, we even had a special darkroom at our school. That was fun! Altough being in the red light for a long time got me a headache every time :/. 

Anygays, in "lukio" I was actually on a drama class, doing plays such as Dante (hell levels) and fairytales :D I got to play the nuts bunny from the Alice in wonderland! Movin ahead - in lukio I started to really find intrest in graphic design, I did the school magazines and publications, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend. She usually did the photoshop part and I did the indesign :D I studied few media courses and I also completed a national media diploma with a highest score! My art teacher suggested me to try out in Taik (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu) but I think I´ll just apply to be a graphic designer :D

As a next option I´ll probably apply to Helpa (Helsingin palvelualojen koulu) to be a cosmetologist, just because I´m interested in it. I have no intentions of making a career out of that :D

And thirdly.. I´ll probably apply to something that has making of clothes.. We´ll see!

Now I wanted to add some pics~
Here are the nails from last week, already pretty damaged
(pic taken a week from making them)
Made with:
Inglot nailpolishes Black 953 and White038
Kiss Nail Art - Silver Glitter SPA10

I also got this - O.P.I - Yodel me on my cell NL Z20, whitch has a great turquoise color, but damn I need a camera ;______; I´m currently using 5 megapix phonecam.... So sorry about the quality! I have already listed the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX75 to my wishlist, but I´m still competing between that and Canon Powershot s95. Both of them have had the highest ranks on various evaluations~
I purchased some yewelry ♥

..For my hat also. Hat bought from Shibuya 109, SBY

Here are one of the Inglot lashes, I look sso weird in the upper pic o_O
And then some pictures of my loved birds~

Niki in the kitchen closet :D:D

Taavi accompanying me on my laptop~

And everybody on the kitchen floor :D

Niki on my head :D Picture taken with this laptop´s webcamera.
So next weekend I´m going home to Estonia! And I´ll be updating to Windows 7 (my current vista BLOWS). Anyways, I´t may mean that I won´t be blogging in a while, let´s see :)

xo xo ~

This because I love Charlie ♥

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