Feb 12, 2011

My make up stuff~

So this will NOT be a short entry :P I have a lot of prettyh pics :3 Also the Inglot shop opened already yesterday and I paid a visit because everything was on sale of course !

The staff was very welcoming and helpful, they even gave me a cute pink inglot bag :D

So I got a few nailpolishes; Black 953 and white 138 just because I needed them and silver 960 and gray with gray sparkle 891 ♥

I already tried the 891, althought this picture does NOT give the right impression. I just could not get the right light to the picture :/

Eyelashes 67S and 16S. They also had all kinds of lashes and there I stood, drooling. But kept myself on a leash. I´ll post a pic when I try these on :)

This is my collection so far~

And this is where I have to fit them ;____; Some of the stuff is held in my bathroom, ovb it doesn´t fit in here..

My eyeshadows; Chanel - 78 Blue notes
Inglot freedom palette
Maxfactor Trio eyeshadows - 01 & 08
Lumene Natural code trio eyeshadow-  9 Daring
Rimmel colour rush - 214 Jet Black (I use mainly to define my eyebrows)

Here I´d like to mention the GOSH eyeliner 11
and the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel liner - 01 Black

Lipgloss, lipgloss, lip balm, lip balm, lip balm and two lipsticks :D Yes, I´m not used to use color on my lips. I have the MAC Cyndi Lauper Viva Clam - A50
Lumene Wild Rose Natural - 1 Berry

My pencils from left to right
Lumene Eye Graphics - Coal Black
Lumene Eye liner - 27 Petrol Blue
Wet´n Wild Kajal - 13 Cool Green
Inglot Soft Precision Eyeliner - 20
Wet´n Wild - 10 Silver
Clarins - Forever Diamonds (Black with silver sparkle :P)

Make up Store mascara
- 04 Turqoise
I so llöööv this color. They also had pink and electric blue on their collection ♥


 My Brushes! From left to right
Inglot - 80HP
Inglot - 16PP
Chanel ...something
Inglot - 12S (For lips)
And the rest are some cheap stuff from Sokos or some art store. But they are still good! Not everything has to be expensive or have the right brand name on it.

So that was my make up. Did I mention my handbag´s handle just broke OFF?

♥ But Ben & Jerry´s saved the day ♥

AND I got the lastest Nuts as well, I´m soo happyyy :3

THIS is what Japanese fashion magz look from the inside~

And then I found this inside xD WHAT a coincidence (If you haven´t read my previous posts, I made same kind of ripped jeans :D) And yes, you can still click all the pictures to see the bigger versions! Next I´m off to Kotka, Ya`ll have a nice saturday night ~

Ashley McIsaac - Wing Stock ♥


  1. I found your blog searching for "Chanel Blue Notes". I used to have this quad and it was stolen. Sad face... I can't find a replacement anywhere. I was absolutely in love with that peachy pink color. Have you found anything that is very similar or a dupe for that color? Any help would be great! I can't find anything!! Thanks


  2. Hey! I've been scouring the 'Net trying to find a new LUMENE eyeliner pencil in Petrol Blue #27 -- and your blog popped up! I have had mine F-O-R-E-V-E-R and it is literally down to a nub smaller than the plastic cap LOL! This *always* happens when I fall in love with a color (sigh). Where-oh-where did you buy the one shown in this post??? Thank you in advance!
    Btw, I found this cool e-store: Street Fair Cosmetics, where I scored a bunch of discontinued/HTF L'Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks & liners (in my favorite neutral shades) for CHEAP -- eBay only had a few at crazy, ransom prices. I've learned my lesson and I am stocking up!
    ~ Andie-M


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