Aug 25, 2011

Until fear no longer defines us

Ghost Brigade albums ~

Yesterday this was released in Finland, and today it is in my hands! The newest Ghost Brigade album - Until fear no Longer Defines us. They are still by far my favorite finnish band. And lately I´ve been a bit down so this music is perfect melancholy metal ! Ugh, okay, I´ve been more than a bit down, most of my friends know why. All I can say is that life gets fucked up sometimes. Maybe I´ll now finally move abroad! Let´s see what happens. Huff, returning to the album...

"Mastodon eat you heart out"

..CD came with a poster!
Somehow, listening to this band can bring out the bad feelings and thoughts from inside me and calm me, somehow.
Yesterday night I didn´t feel like sleeping so I made myself a French manicure with some rhinestones :)

And now I have to confess. I´ve been out of colormask for a month! And now my hair looks...

..horrible. Ugh! The color is washed out and uglyyyy ;_____; Looks more like orange than red. My camera changed the color a little.

But fortunately! Today I got two more colormasks and Paul Mitchell´s INKworks in hot pink.

As this is "HOT PINK" and not red, I´m little bit nervous to see wether my hair turns red or pink :`D

On lips Lime Crime - Centrifuchia ft. Sugarpill´s Bulletproof
Me being silly and playing with makeup. I love multicolor lips ♥ (but hate the haircolour)

Elf eyelid primer ★ primer
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Black Bean ★ Upper and lower lid
Nyx Jumbo eyepencil - Milk ★ Crease area and inner corner
Sugarpill - Bulletproof ★ Whole lid and eyebrow
Lime Crime - Medusa ★ Whole lid
Sugarpill - Dollipop ★ Crease area
Sugarpill - Tako
Brow highlight

Off to color the hair ->

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