May 19, 2011

I'll die living just as free as my hair

Oh, lookie what I found in local stores near you !

Qandi Latte
Starbucks Coffee ♥ Omnom! These cold drinks are to be found in so far found only in Alepa and Valintatalo (as far as I have searched).This current one has a hint of caramel in it, altought still tasting like a real coffee.

Mocha Latte
A hint of choco in it. And I mean like real raw cacao. Soo tasty!

Seattle Latte
And the best for the last; Seattle Latte. I cannot say how delicious this is. I accidentally did not shake this before tasting it, so the first sip was a little bitter :`D But when you mix it up, it becomes a smooth mouthwatering latte ♥ Whoo, why can´t there be a Starbucks in Finland :( Snif.

Oh and I also got myself a new bag. La la laa ♪
Friis  Compary

It´s big, it´s grey and it´s everything you would want from a bag. Love love.

Last weeks French manicure (that turned out more like Bridal nails (_))
Latest nails~
I swear I did not photoshop colors. My camera seems to have mind of his own....

Bitch boots
New boots! I got these from my aunt actually. So I did not spend any money!!

Aaand the oh so wonderful mailman has brought me packages :3
 And with these I´m off to bed ♫ 

~ And hopefully I´ll get some kind of background done by next week ~

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