May 18, 2011

Sweet dreams are made of this

Wow. Huh. Long time no blog. Currently I´m having trouble with the new look (the current one is just a temporary). But at least the "background" is now white :D Aanygays, I have ssso much to blog about, that I don´t know where to start! Hmmm... Vappu!

Wiz friends ♥
I spent my  Vappy (May Day, May 1st) at Tampere with lots of friends, and they make me wish Vappu was every day ♥ Actually I even made new friends :3

Beautiful Pispala. I would live there if it was in Helsinki.
Haha. "Art"

...and I did some random bus sightseeing :`D

My nails looked like this~ I went little overboard for a purpose. Vappu is supposed to be colorful!
So I made white flowers woth fauxnad stamping and added some cute fimos :3 They were BRIGHT.

Durr, what a face. My makeup on friday. Mainly Inglot eyeshadows ♥

...and my makeup on saturday~
I had Inglot 13/S lashes on.

Oh I had forgotten! I went to an Inglot make up session with a friend ´bout over a month ago and I wanted to blog about that too :D:D So the lashes above I bought then!

They looked super soft but still glamorous.

On saturday I was so flattered because one of my frieds asked to do her eye make up! And I´ve never done that before! And everybody thought she was so pretty ;_____________; I was so honored.

Beautiful eh? This picture I took in a bus!

I used mainly Inglot eyeshadows to do this~ Simple silver/black look, but made such a difference!

So about the Inglot session! The make up artist did one side of my face with colors I chose and I got to do the other side. We went for the smokey eyes look~

My eye looked like thiss
I have to admit that I did get some nice tips for my make up, but I still think I can do better than the artist. But the price was 15 euros and we were there for... two hours :D So I didn´t actually loose anything and I got to try on all kinds of colors from eyeshadow to lipstick!

Samira after Inglot make up~
Happy! And she´s pretty :3
I actually fell in love with the lipgloss she is wearing, So I had to buy it.
Inglot Sleeks 61

It has a kind of metallic shine to it, and last a long time for a lipgloss o_O

Inglot lipstick 229
I also got this lipstick, I´ve been looking for some cold colors~

Meh. The color in the sunlight looks good, no?
I also got some new brushes ♥
And after using them for months already I´ll say that Inglot makes some good quality brushes! The upper one is for applying the foundation and the lower one for blush/highlights. Or getting rid of extra powder.

I also got a new eyeshadow palette from Inglot.
And I promise I did do a swatch from it, but just can´t find the picture :@

And this loose eyeshadow I bought (and edited the picture) before getting my "new" camera. So that´s why the poor pic..

Also congrats to Finland for winning the Ice Hockey World Championchip 2011! Yaay!

Few weeks ago I also saw movie "Sucker Punch". What an funny movie. Bit boring I think. But you gotta love the soundtrack. I love this song version even more than the Marilyn Manson version.

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