May 23, 2011

I´m gonna dance with my hands above my head

47 days till vacation! I can´t believe next week will be june already!! But right now I have focus on what´s important: tomorrow I have first part of the entrance exams for Metropolia!

I think I´m ready
So tomorrow we have 2 x 3 hours and two assignments. Let´s hope they´re not about Finnish winter sports, because I don´t do them :`D For example I found some old exams on internet and there you had to draw skiing instruction. I would have been screwed.

on weekend ~
Last weekend was fun and then some lazy hanging out. But more about that laterz, cuz´ I have to draw a little more ~

Latest nails ~
And today I think I fell in love with Saturday Night Live ! Just look at the videos below :`D

Peace out


  1. Onnea pääsykokeisiin JA VOI ELÄMÄ NOI KYNNET ON TÄYDELLISET *______* !


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