May 28, 2011

I can be the queen that´s inside of me

Picture from here

 OK, so my wishlist just went up, cuz´I found some AMAZING make up stuff from Sugarpill and Lime crime. So I had had just had to order some ! I will be doing reviews as soon as I get them :3


This week I received a package also. And it vas a cute bird package. Me likes. So what was inside?

Three pair of new tights
I´ll get a picture of these as soon as I have a chance to actually wear them :D I ordered these via ebay from seller runnickyrun link. She sells a lot of RTBU stuff (refuse to be usual). All kind of tights, lolita dresses and other cute stuff..

Last weekend I studied my camera a bit (finally ;___;) and these are the photos I took. The special effects are not photoshopped :)
Normal picture of Juntti
A fish eye effect on Juntti

The sky
 Juntti also tought me about the hardest thing in photographing. I don´t know how to explain, but we talked about 8 different scales and how the cameras can only record 6 of then at a time. So If you want the perfect picture, you need to take two pictures with differend light exposure. So for example you take the picture above...

the grass
...and then you take a picture like this. And if you combine them, you´ll get the perfect picture.

No, this is not it.
Taken with color accent
Same here
Then some playing with color swap
Same here. Tried to turn black into white :D
Highlighting the green
Random. Taken with super vivid colors
Posterize effect
More random ~
Madatory me
and some Milkshake
 And if somebody doesn´t rememember what camera I have, It´s Canon Powershot s95!

And then to some more serious things. My other cockatiel Niksu passed away some weeks ago! He suddenly got ill and I took him to Viikki animal hospital. They said, take this andidote and he´ll be fine. Next morning he died!!! My own doctor, who is btw Gisle, the best bird doctor I have ever met (link), thought he might have had some inborn heart desease. So sad. It was now a third bird I witnessed dying :(

Niki with a feather coming off :D
Now I have been looking another one to accompany my Niki. And I might have found it, but the owner is a slow one to answering to her email :/ The male bird I´m getting is supposed to be tamed, altought he was born this year o_O We´ll see... I´ll post pictures if/when I get him :)

Niki after shower :3
I think she´ll be thrilled to have her own kind to accompany her.

Niki´s brother Taavi
Taavi lives with my boyfriend Heikki nowdays.

And always flys to my head when I walk into the room :D He likes hair.

Master and his apprentice


  1. HDR on se tekniikka missä yhdistellään eri valotuksilla otetut kuvat :)! Ja sitten ne pitää tonemapata että näyttö pystyy näyttämään sen! Yleensä kyllä otetaan väh. 3 kuvaa ja niitä voi ottaa vaikka kuinka monta ! Hdr on kivaa ja sitten sen kanssa voi leikkiä ja liiotella värejen kanssa :P.

  2. Nii sit jos omistais alustan :D:D


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