May 31, 2011

Once upon in Tallinn

Super NOM

Oh, I totally forgot to do this post! I was in tallinn... in March? Can´t even remember! The upper picture was taken in the best restaurant ever! Too bad I cannot remember the name :( But it was kind of "free choice" restaurant. They don´t have menus nor waitresses. But they have this huuuuge area filled with every kind of delicious food you can imagine! So you just take plate (or a few :D) and go and crab whatever you like and then go pay for it. They had all kinds of meat, chicken and vege food, salads, desserts, drinks.. And it was cheap!!! And I can not tell how delicious everything was ;_____; I almost died of happiness.

We also ate on ship Star
I had some kind chicken couscous and others had vegelasagne~

Also a mandatory choco cake
Btw this was the best chocolate mousse cake I have ever tasted O.O

Going to the spa!
Stupidest map ever (click it bigger!)
We stayed in Hotel Kalev spa (link) where is an spa inside a hotel. If you look at the map, the big empty area has all kinds of pools and waterstuff on the first floor. Our room was in 3rd floor and this map is an escape plan from there. Just look at the lover rooms (we stayed in one of them) and the arrows :`D Wtf?

And this is a pic from the hallway! What kind of stupid walls are built there? You could not walk straight, you had to walk like the map shows :`D Otherwise the hotel was ok, breakfast I found little boring tho. On friday we also visited an African restaurant near this hotel, which I really suggest if you stay here! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me : ( But it has some real African food and decoration. Very lovely place ♥ It was the hotels receptionist who quided us there. Btw they speak pretty good finnish in the hotel.

 A picture from the hotel window, it reflects one of the lamps :D

And then we did some sightseeing:
An random armor
Random colorful alley
Another one
The alleys and houses in Tallinn are something else... You need to see and feel them yourself if you havent. Love

Estonian house of parliament
 A bit different from the finnish one? ;) I´ts PINK!!

Compared to hand size
 Also did you know crocs are little bigger in Estonia? :D:D

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