Aug 9, 2011

Cult of Decay

Me with Niki making me a new hairdo
~ Oh hi, long time since post. Again. What a great summer I had. I´m talking in past time since my three week holiday is way past over and my new work started on last week, how exiting. I´ve been super busy learning new stuff. And I cannot tell you how happy I am with a new job...!

So on with, latest nails...
Red leopard
Blue Zebra
I actually did nails for me and for my friend Carin :)

I also did nails for two other friends, but didn´t take photos of them.. What a shame :( Other than these I haven´t really gotten any time to do my nails, mainly testing new colors :3

Speaking of Carin... I also got these beautiful puzzle earrings from her! ...and now I have to hype this to you guys.. She makes all kinds of yewelry and other stuff herself and she just started her own blog ! You can check that out here.

I also went shopping with my mom, and I got like 10 new nail polishes :3 I´ll be presenting them... some time later :D We went to eat the best goat cheese salad ever at Kamppi´s Don Corleone.

the best goat cheese salad evör
And then later on me and Carin went to our friend´s send off party and had so much fun!

Lime Crime - Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper primer
Inglot pearl eye shadow 420 Inner corner
Inglot pearl eyeshadow 444 In the middle of the lid
Lime Crime - Dragon Scales Outer corner and blended upwards, lower lid
Sugarpill Tako Brow highlight
Wet n Wild eyebrow kit - Ash Brown ★ eyebrows
As I mentioned in some former post, I tested Lime Crime´s Candy eyed Eyeshadow helper and the results were amazing. And here you can see how wonderful the Dragon Scales magic dust is !

 Later on I also dined in Kynsilaukka; which is the best garlic restaurant in Helsinki (and the only one)! You can even get Ice Cream with garlic flarour :D I´m yet to try that one, but maybe next time! They have two size portions and we took the normal sizes (other option was small) and even when the dish looked quite small, there was plenty to eat! Not the cheapest restaurant, but definately one of the tastiest ! Their garlic potatoes.... nomm...

So! I have around 10 new China Glazes, 6 new OPIs (including finally the latest Serena Williams pack ) and some few other nailpolishes to present next time! Also some new stuff from Inglot~

Aaaand! Ghost Brigade is releasing a new album on the 19th of this month! And this band is the reason I started listening heavier music, it´s my all time fav band.

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