Aug 22, 2011

More nail vanity ☆

 I did some water marbeling yesterday :) I´m using hot make up nailpolishes 15 & 18.

..the result ! I´m pretty pleased. I haven´t done marble in awhile...

Last weeks nails~ Just playing around with the new colors :) In the end I thought the flowers don´t fit as nicely as they could but whatever. Sometimes you just have to try !

Illamasqua Viridian & OPI Grape Set Match
Upper row: Pearls 444 & 420
Lower low: Matte 383 & 323
I got a new Inglot palette! ( a month ago actually :D) I actually wanted Sugarpill´s Buttercupcake and Flamepoint, but then Inglot had a sale, and I just fell in love with these new matte eye shadows !

Pearl 440 turns out a little bit lilac :3 Mixed with the 420, which is metal gray, the result is awe~

These colors are awesome :3 I´ll soon add a picture with makeup with these!

Oh and I got a honestly good body lotion! Dries quickly and smells good ~


  1. How did you do your green nails? I love them!

  2. I used OPIs Gragantuan Green Grape and Konad m57 plate :) Thanks for watching!


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