Aug 5, 2011

Review: Makeup for your alter ego; Illamasqua!

Hello all you darlings! Today I´m here to once again share a new make up line (new to me), which I found (once again) trough a friend! So today´s line is called Illamasqua, and it has the most elegant brand logo I´ve ever seen~

Let´s first talk about the company; if you´re not interested, just scroll down for product reviews :) Illamasqua actually has their own blog, in which they have a following description about theirself; "Illamasqua is a heady cocktail of cultures - it combines a rich heritage and product knowledge with the creativity and expertise of Illamasqua's team of leading make-up artists. A night-time make-up that brings premium, professional products within reach of the high street. Illamasqua is for the bolder, darker person hiding inside us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership and self-expression. Illamasqua is your alter-ego."

They use fine words in all of their descriptions and by that they create an elegant, bold, dramatic and mysterious illusion of their make up. Which is a good thing! They really bring out their products more with their outlook of the webpage and the beautiful words they use to define their products.

"Illamasqua is your go-to brand for nighttime makeup—whether it's an evening out at the opera or the dance club. Conceived amidst the dark drama of Berlin in the 20s, Illamasqua was developed by professional makeup artists and launched in 2008 in the U.K. Embraced by celebs and alternative cultures alike, their colors allow you to express your most daring, boldest, and most intense sides with professional nighttime makeup that's richly pigmented and long lasting. Are you ready to release your alter ego?"

So their signature sentence is "Make up for your alter ego" :3

Their order came to me just in 4 days (To Helsinki, Finland)! The products came in a black box and in with came a inspiring booklet like this.

Click pictures for a bigger size

Their products..

They create such beautiful and playful scenarios in their photoshoots ~

The products I got, inside the black box ~

Precision Ink

Precision Ink

This was launched in last fall collection called "Art of darkness". Webpage says: "Create looks with attitude that no one can ignore. Precision Ink's fine tip allows for defined application. Long-lasting and waterproof it's perfect for use anywhere on the face and body to bring out your bold side. Available in deepest black, Abyss, antique gold, Alchemy and opalescent nude, Glister, the waterproof formula dries in seconds and stays true for hours."

 I say really the best eyeliner I´ve tried and it even beats gel liners. And I´m dying to get the Alchemy one !! It´s sold out :(  Click here for example photo from Jangsara!

a quick swatch

And the best part in this liner, after of course long wear, easy use and deep black liquid outcome, is that when removing this ink from you skin, it doesn´t smudge you face all black but it kind of turns into flakes that you can just vipe off (look at the picture under).

Made in Germany

Pure Pigment - Ore
Pure Pigment - Ore
"Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side."

Click to really see the dust
It´s a gold-ish bronze eye shadow with a lot of shimmer and glitter. In some light it looks like it has all the rainbows colors! A really beautiful add to my shadows :) At this point I´m dying to try their liquid metals!

and some swatches.. second one is in different angle and third one has Precision Ink smudged on it :D

Nail Varnishes

These both were launched in last fall collection called "Art of darkness"

Scarab Nail Varnish is a hint of orange/gold like ruby red and brown color. If that makes any sense :D

 "Leave your mark with bold, rich, vibrant colours. Hardwearing and chip-resistant with individual finishes from matt to high gloss. Apply two coats for intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish. Talk with your hands and make a statement."

I llllove this colour. It´s just deep, rich and opaque color... Sometimes it looks like blood on your hands

Viridian is a shimmering teal color with metallic finish ~ A must have I say. In the picture the texture looks bit thick, but in reality it wasn´t! The product is amazing but it didn´t actually survive the shipment all that well...

 The polish so totally leaked! It even got attached to the paper box it was in :(

 You can see it´s all over tha place! I already contacted the staff about what to do now.. I´ts such a shame! Altho the nail polish hadn´t gotten stiffer or dryed, i think... So basically I can still use the product ... But I don´t know for how long. This is my first "broken" shipment... I´ve only heard that when a polish leaks, it´s lifespan significantly decreases :@ I´ll let you know what the staff responds...

But still  rating for Illamasqua!

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  1. you have me convinced...I'm going to pick up the liner next time I'm at Sephora. Thank you for the lovely post!


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