Aug 21, 2011

Nail polish hauling

A while back I went shopping with my mom :) And here are my treasures from that trip! Along with some other new polishes~ Let´s start with the OPI products:

OPI - Your Royal Shine-ness
 Let´s start with the Serena Williams Glam Slam package! It includes three nailpolishes; the one above (silver) and the two next ones (violet and sparkle).

Your Royal Shine-ness is a beauuuu-uutiful silver! Looks almost like shimmering Minx nail. Amazing! Love love love ♪♫ ♪♫

OPI - Grape...Set...Match
A shimmering violet. It has a hint of blue in it... I like especially the darkness of the color~

OPI - Servin up Sparkle
And this third polish is actually the reason I got this pack. I have a similar polish to this, which I used to use very often. And it´s like 10 years old and pretty dried out already :D So that´s why I just had to get my hands on this Opi one!

Here is the old one. Creation Lamis and made in Belgium. That´s all I can say :D The OPI one looks a bit darker in this picture, but in reality it isn´t. I´m pleased with the similarity :)

Sparkle on Grape set Match. Oh how I hate these names.

Sparkle on Royal. Looks like stardust ♥ The photo cheats a little, actually the sparkle has a lot of vibrant colors in it. Anyway, moving on! Next it got...

OPI travel package! It contained cutile oil, a pack of cards, a toothbrush, an antiseptic handwash gel and two some creams. I didn´t even get to try the creams, because the bottles cracked in half when I tried to press them to get anything out? :/ I actually got whole package only because of the cutile oil, my mom suggested it highly. Have I ever mentioned that my mom is a hair dresser and she is responsible for my pretty hair? :D

OPI - Avoplex Nail & Cutile oil
Best cutile oil I have run into. Smells way better than Mavala oils, this one has more like a flower scent. An outstanding difference in cutiles, even after one use!

OPI - Acetone free polish remover
 Works well with normal polishes, but not with glitters. It takes years to get any glitter off, I suggest a ordinary polish remover for that. Also this stuff smells like turpentine! Ugh, it´s even worse than acetone... But it´s supposed to be gentle on your nails. I haven´t noticed any difference...

This is something my mom got. It´s supposed to be base and a top coat in the same bottle?! I have to ask her, how did this work... In my opinion, base and top coat´s have such a different formula, they shouldn´t be combined. Does anyone else have opinions about this?

OPI - Tease-y does it
Looks like this! Kinda brownish color with reddish sparkles inside :3

OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape
A beautiful light pastel green.

Then for the China Glaze ones! Btw China Glaze is finally climbing next to OPI, even wholesales are changing into them!

China Glaze - Bad Kitty
A light pink with a lot´s of sparkle! Kind of a see-trough pink.

China Glaze - Outta Bounds
This picture is so wrong! I don´t know why, but everytime I try to take a picture of this polish, the color changes! This is more like christmas green in real life... A great color.

HA I have a swatch! The color looks almost real here. Almost.

CG - Fast Freeze, Quick Dry
This this is supposed to dry you´r nails faster. You add a drop of this 60 secs after you have put on a top coat. My opinion? I haven´t really seen this thing working... I´ve tried it multiple times, and everytime the result has been the same - nails haven´t dried faster. And it smells funny. A weird product. Maybe I´m using it wrong?

CG - Patent Leather Top Coat
This product is ♥! I also got a new top coat from OPI, but this one beats it thousand times and over! The liquid is like water, easy to put on and the results are really leather-like~ This can definately take your nails to the next level. The shine this thing adds is unbelievable!

China Glaze - Liquid Leather
With no top coat! It looks like latex on my nails!!! ♥ How much can you love this? THE best black nailpolish. Ever. It´s ridiculously magnifisent.

China Glaze - Nova
Another sparkle sparkle~

Nova on Liquid leather. I´d say that the texture is a bit smoother than OPIs, but I still like them both.

China Glaze - Solar Flare
This looks better in a bottle than on a nail : /

...see? :/ Maybe it´ll work at christmas?

China Glaze - Free love
A mix of orange and a tomato o_O But I like it! A shimmering orange~

China Glaze - Sun Worshiper
A MATTE neon orange!!! I actually got this from a friend. Good choice ~

And then the last addition to my collection I got from a german friend :3

Essence colour & go! I don´t really know what the name f this one is, but as you can see, it´s a darker green without shimmer.

So my collection has been growing ! Did you see any colors you liked? 

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