Aug 8, 2013

Blue hologram nails

NfuOh 065
 This is one of my first times trying Nfu Oh polishes! I wish they had some kind of names to the products, it´s so so hard to remember these... I ordered like 5-6 Nfu Oh polishes from France, since the reviews and swatches I´ve seen on the internet have been just amazing. (And yes they are way too expencive in Finland.)

So, here is the blue hologram polish 065, with some random base and top coat color. The formula itself was really difficuld to work with, I mean, really thick. You have to spread the polish correctly on the first stroke, because if you try to add some more 'color' on top of the polish you just put there, it will somehow wipe the first layer off. I know this sounds really confusing, but  that is the best explanation I can manage to do.

On some website someone recommended to get the Aqua base for these holo polishes, but since it was too hard or too expencive in Finland, I did not order it. I think they look pretty without them as well. MAYBE it would help in the applying part as well? If someone knows where to get it easily, please let me know!

In fluorecent light the nails don´t really look like much. I mean, you kinda have to try to reflect some lights from it, to see how awesome the color can be. The polishes are come in a really pretty bottles - there is like a corset around them.

So, in the sunlight they are so pretty :) But I don´t think I will be using the holos so often, because of the stickness of the polish..

I did order a silver holo as well, let´s see how it looks...


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