Aug 7, 2013

Make up Forever Helsinki

So today  we went to the Mufe shop in Helsinki. We went trough an enourmous amount of products, so I snapped some pictures from the store afterwards. It appears that Mufe has more than 1400 products, all which are in superior quality.

 Oh, all the things from the last two days that I have bought.... Shame on me! Or not...

I purchased this for cleaning my brushes, but I haven't tried it yet, so I don't have an opion about it. I will let you know how this works, later on. So far I've only used shampoo for cleaning, but I wanted something for the disinfecting as well.

Oh and the lashes from yesterday, from Duroy. I think might have an obsession with lashes. I just saw these and crabbed them. End of story. After purchasing these, I was told that the white straws on the lashes, will glow under black light, so I already got sooooooo many ideas and cannot wait to fulfill them.

These last ones just screamed cleopatra or something with a big black eyeliner so... Now they are mine.

Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow!!!


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